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Nostradamus the Seer Who Heard the Stars

Source of Inspiration:
Nostradamus, the Seer Who Heard the Stars

The astrologer and physician, Michel de Nostradamus was born in December 14, 1503 in France, and died there in July, 2 1566. He received worldwide fame as the seer Nostradamus, which is a Latinized version of his real name. He learned Greek, Latin, Hebrew, mathematics and alchemy at an early age and received an education in classical literature, history, medicine, astrology and herbalism, and continued with an in-depth study of the Cabala and alchemy. He was an expert in the fields of herbalism, cosmetics, and the preservation and processing of fruits. He took up an education in medicine and became a successful physician. He specialized in the treatment of plagues which was widespread and pervasive at the time and developed alternative therapies. He was the personal physician and astrologer of King Henry III.
Nostradamus owes his fame to the prophecies collected and published under the heading Les Propheties (the Prophecies) in 1555 in the form of mainly French quatrains, containing 942 prophecies, which foresaw numerous world historical events hundreds of years prior to their time. These quatrains were mainly based on astrological data in coordination with his scientific training. The book contains 942 prophecies in the form of quatrains. Nearly all the prophecies are without date and foretell wars, pestilence, earthquakes, floods, famine and other disasters. While some of these prophecies are easy to fathom, others require a deep knowledge of symbolism, language, mythology, history and astrology to decipher, as Nostradamus coded his language with symbolic and mythological references, as well as anagrams, Latin, Spanish and Hebrew words. Sometimes the single letter of a word needed to be changed to make the meaning clear. Some skeptics claim that the alleged accuracy of Nostradamus’s prophecies is due to misinterpretations or mistranslations of passages containing extraordinary correlation with real events.
In a letter to his on Cesar, Nostradamus wrote the following: “… bear in mind that the events here described have not yet come to pass, and that all is ruled and governed by the power of Almighty God, inspiring us not by bacchic frenzy nor by enchantments but by astronomical assurances: predictions have been made through the inspiration of divine will alone and the spirit of prophecy in particular.
“On numerous occasions and over a long period of time I have predicted specific events far in advance, attributing all to the workings of divine power and inspiration, together with other fortunate or unfortunate happenings, foreseen in their full unexpectedness, which have already come to pass in various regions of the earth. Yet I have wished to remain silent and abandon my work because of the injustice not only of the present time [the Inquisition] but also for most of the future. I will not commit to writing.
“Since governments, sects and countries will undergo such sweeping changes, diametrically opposed to what now obtains, that were I to relate events to come, those in power now - monarchs, leaders of sects and religions - would find these so different from their own imaginings that they would be led to condemn what later centuries will learn how to see and understand. Bear in mind also Our Saviour's words: Do not give anything holy to the dogs, nor throw pearls in front of the pigs lest they trample them with their feet and turn on you and tear you apart.
“For this reason I withdrew my pen from the paper, because I wished to amplify my statement touching the Vulgar Advent (1), by means of ambiguous and enigmatic comments about future causes, even those closest to us and those I have perceived, so that some human change which may come to pass shall not unduly scandalize delicate sensibilities. The whole work is thus written in a nebulous rather than plainly prophetic form.
“So much so that persons of future times may be seen in present ones, because God Almighty has wished to reveal them by means of images, together with various secrets of the future vouchsafed to orthodox astrology, as was the case in the past, so that a measure of power and divination passed through them, the flame of the spirit inspiring them to pronounce upon inspiration both human and divine.
“For by the latter, with the help of inspiration and divine revelation, and continual calculations, I have set down my prophecies in writing.
“But as to that discernment which can be achieved by the aid of planetary scrutiny, I should like to tell you this. Eschewing any fantastic imaginings, you may through good judgment have insight into the future if you keep to the specific names of places that accord with planetary configurations, and with inspiration places and aspects yield up hidden properties, namely that power in whose presence the three times [past, present, and future] are understood as Eternity whose unfolding contains them all: for all whings nare naked and open. “
Dr. Astrologer Şenay DEVİ

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