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Esoteric (Spiritual) Astrology

Esoteric (Spiritual) Astrology

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “If you can go into the essence of anything, you will eventually come to the deepest truth.”
Ibn Arabi wrote in Bezels of Wisdom (Fusus al-Hikam), “Man (microsmos) is a miniature of the macrocosmos. Even though human existence is smaller than the world, man holds within him all the truths of the macrocosmos. This is why sages call the world the Greater (Cosmic) Man (Insani Kebir).”
Meher Baba stressed the importance of astrology with these words, “A child is born at the day and time when celestial rays are mathematically synchronized with his personal karma. The horoscope is unchanging. It is a readable portrait of his past and probable future. But the natal chart can only be read with accuracy by those with intuitive wisdom.”

Astrology is Persecuted by Conservative Science

Even though astrology is accepted throughout the world as a science, its opponents go to great lengths to systematical attack this ancient knowledge. It is no coincident that such founders of modern astronomy as Copernicus, Tycho brahe, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton, as well those of renowned astronomers and mathematician of eastern culture such as Ibn Arabi, Jamshid al-Kashi, Qadi Zada al_Rumi, Taqi al-Din were also astrologers. These masters were responsible for may discoveries and developments in astronomy and astrology. They based their work on careful scientific observation, experimentation and precise results. Lack of evidence was never mentioned. It’s only crime appears to be that it is an ancient science and is not compatible with the “current accepted materialistic philosophy, and institutionalized conservative scientific ideology.”
Our world is constantly bombarded with many rays and energies from space. We have no exact knowledge on what effect large celestial bodies in our solar system have on the world and on human beings. Some claim that it is not really a matter of influence but of synchronicity. It can be observed that the results of such influences coordinate with the movement of celestial bodies. These have been argued for hundreds of years, statistics and experiments were conducted. Certain positive results have been obtained. Some have claimed that conclusive evidence was established. The spectrum of light that we perceive coming from celestial bodies make up a very small segment of the wavelengths that come to us from space. There are many wavelengths that we cannot pick up with our sensory organs. We know that planets emit radio waves, as well as electromagnetic waves and the effects of gravity. Astrological aspects, which are angles between planets, correspond to the activities of waves. It is also possible that astrology effects depend on unknown phenomena. For this reason it is best that we leave such speculations aside and go directly into the topic.
The most significant aspect of ancient sciences is that they are systems that work and give positive results. Each of them has a rationale behind it. For those who benefit from them whether or not they fit into the norms of modern academia is inconsequential. The first academy was established by Plato, predominated by idealist philosophy. According to idealist philosophy ideas are principle realities (archetypes) behind all things. So that everything, the universe, cosmos, world, living beings are all products of thoughts. There is planning and meaning, spirit and mind behind everything. In the 20ieth century, it has come to be fashionable to reject idealistic philosophy. However, in the new millennium a new understanding is emerging and a new human prototype along with it. While this new type of people has an existentialist sense of freedom and awareness, they have an intuitive understanding of the holistic nature of things. Astrology is esoteric. Esoterism can be described as a deeper assessment of the sacred. Real astrology is very much involved with other esoteric sciences. They come from the same source. A true astrologer must not try to forcefully compromise astrology to mediocre ideas and ideologies to gain respectability through conformity. There are so many things in the universe that surpass our understanding. That the sun, moon and planets within our solar system have effects on human life to be denied by science is inconceivable. The whole question is to what degree and in what manner these effects are. Off course the ideology of positive science does not accept the view of classical astrology that the solar system and the fixed stars beyond are closely linked with our personality, and psychological make-up. But in an earlier age the view that everything in the universe is linked and part of a whole was the accepted view of science. However, despite all from time to time some modern scientists have accepted astrological data.
For thousands of years astrology has been developed through observation and experimentation and verified to be accepted as a working system by millions of people. It is an important indicator of the interaction between the universe (macrocosmos) and man (microcosmos). It is a guide. A true astrologer is a person who has incorporated the working principles of astrology into life through years of experience. If the astrologer’s consultations have a positive effect on others and they benefit from it, then he is entitled to his fair wage just as everyone else who labors. Even the renowned psychologist Jung used to draw up a customer’s birth chart before consulting his patients.

Correspondence of the Planets to the Cosmic Planes

There seven cosmic planes, these are as follows: 1) Cosmic, 2) Celestial, 3) Spiritual, 4) Causal, 5) Mental, 6) Astral and 7) Physical. These seven planes are divided into two groups of which the first group of three planes is abstract, and the next group of four is concrete. Each plane further divides into a higher and lower level.

Seven Year Planetary Cycles

An interesting topic of speculation in esoteric astrology is concerned with cycles of seven years in human life. It is known that Uranus completes its orbit around the sun in 84 years. This means that it resides in each sign of the zodiac for seven years. This is because 84 = 12 x 7. Uranus is the planet of change and transformation. Therefore important changes would be expected to occur at the end of each seven year period.
Of course Uranus was discovered in relatively recent times in 1781. However the idea that human life is subject to cycles of seven years is much older.
Since very ancient times planets have been aligned to celestial spheres according to the speed with which they have been observed to move, so that the slowest planets are farther off. This is how they line up, 1) Moon, 2) Mercury, 3) Venus, 4) Sun, 5) Mars, 6) Jupiter, , 7) Saturn.
In esoteric astrology the seven year cycles begin at birth and each new cycle is governed by a particular planet in the above order. These cycles are cycles of maturity in man.
The first of these cycles begins at birth and continues until the age of 7. It is governed by the moon. The moon represents reflection. In the lunar period of life, the child learns by imitation. In addition the moon is the planet of femaleness and motherhood. The mother rules the child during this period. Even though the umbilical cord is cut attachment continues. The child sees through the eyes of and under the protection of the mother.
The second cycle begins at the age of 7 and ends at the age of 14. Mercury rules communication and learning. In the Mercury cycle the child gains a lot of information. The child is curious about everything and learns quickly. Developing communication skills, self expression are of great importance to him and he develops himself in these areas.
The third cycle begins at the age of 14 and continues until 21. It is govern by Venus. Venus provides puberty and sexual maturity. Sexual qualities develop at this age. Children start to become men and women. They begin to care for their appearance and show interest to the opposite sex. Other than these they show interest to the fine arts, aesthetic values and ideals.
The fourth cycle starts at the age of 21 and ends at the age of 28. It is governed by the sun. The sun rules the ego and socializing. The ego begins to develop at this period. The person develops a social life and develops his personality. He tries to make a career for himself and set up his life.
The fifth cycle begins at the age of 28 and ends at the age of 35. It is governed by Mars which gives strength and the capacity to struggle. In this phase of life the person struggles to establish a position in life. He tries to apply whatever he learned previously. It can be said that it is generally the most active period of his life.
The sixth cycle begins at the age of 35 and continues up to the age of 42. It is ruled by Jupiter which gives wealth, leisure and philosophy. At this age the person begins to reap the rewards of his previous endeavors. He begins to relax and enjoy himself. On the other hand, he will begin to contemplate the meaning of life and philosophize.
The Seventh cycle starts at the age of 42 and ends at the age of 49. It is ruled by Saturn which is the planet of discipline and maturity. Here the individual faces the process of aging, and tries to make good use of his time. He begins to realize that he should be more disciplined to maintain his health.

When this set of cycles is completed, a new set of cycles begins in the same order, so that the moon governs the period between age 49 to 56, etc.

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