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General Map of the New Year

General map of the New Year
In order to do world predictions, I use three charts; one for the year in question starting at midnight January 1, 2020; one for the sunrise rising sign (both using Greenwich, UK as the location), and one for Makar sankranthi, the start of the sign Capricorn that occurs on January 15, 2020 at 7:15 AM using Ujjain as the origin point.
The Midnight chart gives a Virgo rising sign; the Sun rises in Sagittarius in the morning. Since these are both mutable signs, there is not much difference between the two charts.
The planetary placements of the chart at New Year's show Mars in Scorpio, a cluster of planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, Mercury, Saturn by ascending degree), Venus in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius and Rahu in Gemini.
If we take the Sunrise time, no planets change signs, but the Moon changes Navamsa positions from Aries to Taurus.
The Navamsa positions of both charts are both the same; with Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter in the fourth house in Cancer; Mars, Sun and Ketu are in Leo; Saturn is in Sagittarius in the ninth house, and Rahu is in Aquarius in the 11th house.
The consistency of the Navamsa positions is not surprising; the Navamsa ascendant of Aries can fluctuate a bit, as picking the beginning of the rising sign in which the Sun sits would probably not be every astrologer's first choice, but I use equal house/sign for simplicity's sake.
General map of Makar Sankranthi
For Makar Sankranthi, Mercury moves to Capricorn, Venus moves to Aquarius, Moon moves to Leo, and the Navamsa positions of the planets are Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, Mercury in Capricorn, Rahu in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer;  and Ketu in Leo; and Mars is in Libra and Venus in Scorpio.
Overall, with the New Year occurring this year between two eclipses (December 26, 2019 and January 10, 2020) and the chart for the New Year having so many planets located on one sign, this year looks difficult for major governments, diplomacy, organized religion and even long distance travel. There will be a great deal of attention placed on trade as trade wars will intensify especially in February through April. I think these months will be particularly risky for heads of state, religious and business leaders, some of whom will be subject to violence or attacks. Expect to see some assassination attempts in 2020, especially in the first half of the year.
Please note that the presence of so many planets in Sagittarius will produce many technological and spiritual innovators. However, on the negative side, there will be a great many fraudulent teachers coming forward and demagoguery will be rampant, especially in South America around Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and in Western Europe          -through the UK, France, and Western China, Myanmar and Laos.
There will also be increased censorship and panic spread by media in these countries and the press will not be trustworthy overall through September of this year. There will also be scandals and law suits connected with press coverage/ The public will be in the unfortunate position of having its press and leaders fight it out for commercial dominance. Also, with the Moon in Aquarius, there will be increased cynicism and attempts to overthrow or trick legitimate leaders out of office. There will be increasing problems with fear of foreigners and refugees in Western Europe, especially Spain, France, England and Germany. I would expect to see increasingly right wing and repressive governments dominate these countries.
Economically, the world map does look like it is slowing down and will probably be in a slow growth period through 2022, but not a recession. Some countries, like India (which is entering a small recession now) and China, will see expansion in 2021. But Western China will suffer through some natural and economic catastrophes.
Spotlight on Major Countries
The USA will start the year on a rocky start, as there will be a threat of change of leadership through roughly February and perhaps an assassination attempt before May 2020. There will,, I believe be public demonstrations regarding the President, but I believe President Trump will be elected to a second term, based on the U.S. map. This period will be very stressful for the President leaving him vulnerable to health problems in early 2020 and heart problems in late 2020 through 2021. I am concerned the U.S. will experience some economic setbacks in late 2020 and will focus its efforts over the period from 2021 on economic stimulus, although there will be a resurgence in heavy industry in the U.S. However, the U.S. economy will remain stable and grow this year. The country will remain largely suspicious of the media, but addicted to fame.
The last similar period to this the U.S. experienced was in the administration of Theodore Roosevelt. The U.S. is in a Rahu period which can trigger reforms. Ketu periods (such as the period the U.S. experienced in the late 1960's) are more fractious than the current period, Also, the U.S. will not have a major war until around 2035; there may be minor skirmishes this year because of Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius, but not a major war.
The U.S. may face a minor financial panic between August and October, 2020, The states west of Texas and through Idaho will be hardest hit.
I do not see the U.S. getting militarily involved in any major conflict any time in the near future-only minor disputes. The most dangerous times for any kind of military conflicts  world wide are mid February, June, July, and November.
India appears to be in a Moon Saturn sub period through July 2021. So this means stable, if unspectacular, growth for the next year and a half, but also some stalling of growth over the next couple of months. Minor recession in early 2020 is not out of question.. There will be more focus on increasing prosperity, but around early May, one should expect military flare ups with its neighbor--likely candidates are Palkistan and China.
The slow growth period appears essential for India's economy, which has been governed by idealism for about the last two years, will become more pragmatic and hardworking. Trade opportunities will open further in Western Europe, the Western US, and Japan, India will also make inroads into South America. However, rain will be particularly heavy rhis year and there will also be crop problems later in the year--after October 2020.
It looks like there will be a major polical scandal in Western India, which might reach national office holders, cause some surprisng resignations. The situation will involve theft or bribery and may cause new elections at several levels,
Russia will continue to grow in influence, but the country will be enmesehed in political scandals and allegations of spying and attempting to disrupt governments around the world, epecially in the U.S., UK, Japan and Australia,
The economy has been going up and down and will probably not stabilize until October of 2020 and will start to grow then. It will maintain its efforts to influence Syrian politics, but will need to be careful about dragging other countries--namely Turkey and Iraq--ino its mess. Russia will want to expand through the year, and will probably do o, but will need to do it more legally by the end of 2020.
Turkey is in a unique situation now, as it will change dasas from a Venus dasa to a Sun dasa in February 2020. Since the Sun represent government, we can expect a change in parts of government over the next year. The Sun is weak in Turkey's chart, but Sun is with an exalted Saturn and Venus in its own house. So, Turkey will concentrate more more on the poor and downtrodden and there may even be aid to the Turkish people from reformers in the Turkish government.
Turkey does look like it is susecptible to either violence or even earthquakes, but these will be in the middle of the county, just to the east of Ankara. This may even be political violence against the government in these regons
Turkey will be facing big changes in governamce over the next few years; its entertainment sector will thrive, and there will probably be improvement in Turkish currency in 2020.
China just entered the dasa of an exalted planet (Mercury) in its 9th house with Ketu. This indicates China will become very important globally over the next seventeen years, will do well with trade, but it will have more lurches in its economic growth, as it will move more heavily into communications and media markets than had previously been the case. China will become more active in social media and will also start to export media products more aggressively to foreign markets, and slowly move more towards information technology, which it may steal from other countries. Mercury Ketu can indicate untrustworthy actions, so China will be attempting to steal more territory in 2020.
There will be six eclipses this year
A penumbral lunar eclipse on January 10, 2020. This will close out what I call the Saturn series of eclipses that have plagued Gemini and Sagittarius all last year. The eclipse will affect the United States, Spain and Libya (down through central Africa, Colombia and down through Chile, most prominently. It will cause polical strife, polarization, and some mayhem/public protest in these countries. Recently, I have noticed tthat Australia Is undergoing a major environmental problem with brush fires surrounding its major cities. This will probably contiuue until January 10, 2020 eclipse.
A penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5 will cause some problems with conspiracies as a focus in different parts of the world. This is also partly an earthquake and violence eclipse, with disruptions being caused in the Southeastern United States, some panic through Egypt, Turkey and up through central Russia
An annular solar eclipse on June 21-The effects of this eclipse will be most heavily felt in Brazil and Western India and Mongolia. This eclipse will likely give political problems and might goad countries into taking short term miltary action.This is the most dangerous eclpse because of the potential for international violence.
A penumbral lunar eclipse on July 4-5: This eclipse will mostly generate problems with media and gun violence. There will be danger from demagogues and people trying to encourage panic. Areas most likely affected would be California, USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe (near Istanbul as well), and Korea. This is the last Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse.
 A penumbral lunar eclipse on November 30. This eclipse will likely cause spying and disrupton of finances. The areas of the word most heavly affected will be from central Canada (which may see severe weather at this time), Algeria, Greece, Eastern Europe, Australia and Japan
A total solar eclipse on December 14. The same locations as were affected by the November 30 lunar eclipse will be affected by this solar eclipse, with coverups being exposed and some people resiging office in disgrace.
One reason
By Sign:
Sun, Moon or Ascendant:
Note: The sign begins in the middle of the month, so Aries will start on April 15, Taurus on May 15, Gemini on June 14, Cancer on July 15, Leo on August 15, Virgo on September 15, Libra on October 15, Scorpio on November 15, Sagittarius on December 15, Capricorn, January 15, Aquarius, February 15, and Pisces on March 15
Aries: Will experience changes in religious affiliation; changes in authority figues, increased luck and unexpect travel, perhaps relocation this year because of change of employment or marriage. People with this Sun sign may want to wear red or yellow clothes and stones this year to help with love,luck and career success. Purple may also be good for short periods, especially after February 2020.
Taurus: Will experience feelings of imprisonment, but increased psychic perception and gains from partners as well as increased weath with small effort. To increase the luck of this sign this year, wear clear stones, green and blue stones and white, green and blue clothing.  
Gemini: Will experience rapid career growth and increased demand for their services. Most people with this sun sign need to resist burning out from too much activity. Green stones and clothing are good for physical health. White or iridescent clothing is good for love, and career luck, and some yellow can help career advancement. Deep red is also good for romantic relatonships and money.
Cancer: Would have intense physical activty, increaed short term health problems, but be very competitive and forceful during the year. Wear milky stones, red and yellow stones for success and love and clear stones for money. Favor similarly colored clothes.
Leo: Will be rather lucky this year and opportunities will come without much effort. This will change towards the end of the year (around September) so make sure some savings are put aside. To ensure financial luck through the year, wear crimson (deep red) jewelry or clothese, and favor yellow jewelry. Also, people with this sign should wear lighter yellows, red, and pastel colors.
Virgo: Like Gemini, this sign will have great career recognition and be invited to travel or relacate as part of their career expansion. They should expect some educational opportunities but home life will be difficult. In order to calm down home life, wearing yellow stones like citrine is recommended through the end of August. After that, remove the stone. Generalll lucky colors are blacks, blues and green in gems and in choosing colors for clothes.
Libra: Will experience increased desire for fame and recogntion this year and the feeling of being limited this sign has had over the past two years will be gone. This sign, like Aries, is primed to receive much more work this year and will travel extensively. In order to bring in favorable fame, one should wear clear or iridescent clothing, violet, green, black and blue. For relationship life improvement (mcluding new romantic relationship), and money wear red stones and clothes.
Scorpio: Increased financial prospetity is granted to this sign at this time, but relationship partners and friends will be jealous of this sign's good fortune. To eliminate jealousy and rivals, wear good quality coral, red jade or red jasper, and wear yellow or orange and white stones (pearl, moonstone). Favor simlar color schemes in your clothing.
Sagittarius: This sign will be able to do much of what is has wanted to do over the past year, but will need to forestall relationships until the end of the year. To increase luck and break out, wear plenty of bright reds, orange and yellows. To increase financial luck, wear blue stones or black. Green can be worn for short periods of time on dates and for romance or getting noticed.
Capricorn: This sign will need to travel to make a living but will be very discipined and prosperous. Lucky clothes colors are opal, blue, green, and whites will bring in romance.
Gems and jewelry that are lucky this year are coral, any red translucent stone, pearl, blue, black, green and clear stones.
Aquarius: Although Saturn has moved into this sign's 12th house, the 11th house is packed with planets and should generate financial growth for this sign as well as career recognition. Lucky clothes colors are opal, blue, and green. Deep reds and greens will bring in romance.
Gems and jewelry that are lucky this year are coral, any red translucent stone, ruby or any clear red stone, blue, black, green and clear stones.
Pisces: This is another sign that has felt trapped and can finally move forward occupationally and in relationships. The sign should have incredibly good luck by the lat three months of the year. To increase luck and break out career wise, wear plenty of bright reds, orange and yellows. To increase financial luck, wear blue stones or black. Green can be worn for short periods of time on dates and for romance or getting noticed.
The above is a very rough overview and should not be mistaken for a real reading in which planetary dasas and other critical components are examined more closely.
Happy New Year!
I will be doing a an analysis of the Chinese Year of the Rat very soon, which should complement this forecast.
Dr. Gary Gomes
New Bedford, MA
Contact at [email protected] or
text at 508-525-0001

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