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2020 Turkey Astrology Analysis

1. The first month of 2020, many incidents such as flood, fire, earthquake, helicopter and aircraft accidents, deaths, virus outbreak occurred. What is the astrological reason for all this?

In the Vedic astrology chart, there was a cluster of planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury) in Sagittarius-this put them in the same sign with Ketu (The South Lunar node) which is responsible for accidents and catastrophies of all kinds-also Ketu rules diseases; these wwere in the seventh house of Turkey’s chart, which made it susceptible to earthquakes and other phenomena. Also, Saturn and Pluto (if we use Pluto) have been in tight conjunction for the past couple of weeks. Now, Saturn moved away from that conjunction, as has Mercury, but Jupiter is still close, and it will continue to cause problems in these areas probably through March 4, 2020, but not a frequently as a Mars Ketu conjunction will occur March 4. Also, we had some pretty rough eclipses around December 26 and January 10, and these made the environment very unstable.

The air tragedies are because of Sagittarius in the Vedic Chart, which has to do with long distance travel. People are advised to be careful traveling between now and May.

2. How will this process continue on a yearly basis? What will we experience?

You will see similar effects (most pronounced around mid-February through mid-March, and during the upcoming eclipses between June 4 and July 5, 2020.

The good news is that the planets will not be quite as badly placed as they are now, so the results will be less intense than they have been in January,-February 2020.

3. How long will this process continue?

Just until September 2020.

4. What are the good and bad events that await us?

After early March, the world economy should stabilize (some astrologers have noted that there is a similar pattern around March 4 of the September 11 attacks, but I think this will be disruptive to some governments and some terrorist activities, but the scale will be nowhere near September 11 levels. You will see some governments change this year for the better, but the world is still trending conservative and nationalist. I do expect to see some small conflicts In India and China before June of 2020.

5. Which dates should be paid attention to which dates?

Pay attention to the period between now and March 15, 2020. This will be the most disruptive period of the year, when people are quickest to temper. I would also pay attention to June 4 to July 5 when we will see some air and fire based catastrophes and storms, and many media scandals as well. There will be many attempts to regulate entertainment and social media worldwide.

6. Do you have anything to add?

The government and media will be at war through around September 2020; After that we will enter a period marked by intense espionage, concentrations on criminal activities, potential changes in government and the start of large financial scandals in the Fall.

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