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Global and Sign Predictions for 2019 Gary Gomes

Predictions for 2019-General

by Gary Gomes

I will explain the mechanics of the chart that I use for yearly predictions. Normally, I set the Sun in the first house to set the time for the first daylight of the New Year. I also consider the rising sign for midnight as well. For world predictions I move the location to different parts of the world. This changes the sequence of planetary periods for the year. Also, when I can get the data, I look at a country's chart and see how that chart looks for the year especially for pivotal events, such as elections in India, Europe, United States, China, Turkey, Germany, the UK and Japan. I find one generally agreed upon chart will produce a sufficient reference point for accurate prediction. I also look at astrocartography charts to look at potential hot spots around the world and focus on them.

I will start with world events then give an overview of the year by Vedic sign.

All of the indications are as precise as I can generate.

For the morning chart:

Sun, Saturn in the first house in Sagittarius

Ketu in in Capricorn in the second house

Mars is Pisces in the fourth house in Pisces

Rahu is in the eighth house in Cancer

Venus and Moon are in the 11th house in Libra

Jupiter and Mercury are in the 12th house in Scorpio

General tendencies for the year:

The daylight start of the year, shows the lord of the rising sign in the 12th house,and Sun and Saturn in the first house. Governments in general around the world will see attacks on leadership and some administrations will either increased suppression or, if violence in present, step dpwn. Increasing rigidity is in store for many countries and although financial structures will begin to show some stress, the Sun and Saturn in the first house is in a wealth producing combination, at least for the first three months of the year. Ketu will affect economies in March and trade conflicts which were feared will show up between March and May and again in November. There will continue to be general domestic unrest, especially in Europe, through May and Mars in the fourth house will continue the pattern of problems due to flooding, fires and earthquakes through March. When Ketu moves into Sagittarius in late March, you will have a fiery planet in a fiery sign, which will produce explosions and violence because of political or religious reasons. The entire period from March of 2019 to the end of 2020 will generate religious or ideological conflicts, major breaks in traditions, and even a great rethinking of higher education, as many educational institutions that deal with research and philosophy will face decreasing enrollments, serious attrition and even more violence at holy places and and places of learning. There will be many attacks on the status quo throughout Europe, especially Eastern Europe, and increased dissatifaction with the economy in Europe. The lower middle class in Europe (especially Southern Europe) will suffer and several countries in the European Union will follow the UK's example and will have referenda on leaving the EU. On the positive side, spiritual interest and technological innovation  will flourish. Governments in almost every part of the world will be challenged and it will be an uneasy year. November looks dangerous for foreign travel, and there is a strong possibility of clusters of terrorist attacks; but I don't foresee another massive attack like 9/11.

Governments, signified by the Sun, will show increasing conservatism and restriction this year because of the Sun Saturn conjunction, and the world will continue to veer more to conservative, less humanitarian ideals, with certain exceptions Some nations (like the UK) will face short term financial problems. Venus and Jupiter both promise increased wealth and last minute rescues financially, especially. Venus as the highest in degree planet in this chart,

If we are to look at countries in general, we can say that the trouble spots in the United States will be in California and the borders around Texas again. We can also expect to see the midwest--the heartland of the country-become more militant and revolutionary and I don't expect them to become more liberal. As a matter of fact, government mistrust will increase in 2019.

Likewise, Europe, especially Germany, Austria and Greece, will experience slowdowns this year. The UK will, interestingly, do better than mainland Europe, but the middle east will do well economically, and Turkey will do particularly well in the entertainment field, becoming a kind of a leader in the region. India will experience increased status, but the Western half of India will face economic slowdowns, but the current pary will stay in power.

Earthquake risks are strong this year in Eastern Russia and Alaska, and in the Pacific Rim area to the South.

Brazil will experience renewed growth, and the general conservative and anti-immigrant trend most counties are experiencing, will continue. There won't be a change in this orientation for at least two years. Social reform will be evident in places like Colombia and Peru, but not in North America, Europe or Asia-increasingly conservative governments are indicated in these regions because of immigration paranoia.

Turkey will be undergoing a critical change during the coming year. Starting January 12, 2019, Turkey will enter its Ketu subperiod of the Venus major planetary period. This is often a time when countries become more interested in nonconformity, creativity and rebelliousness. I do see many demonstrations for reform occurring this year, and the country will shy away from acquisitiveness and start looking for freedom and spiritual growth. Also, there will be threats to the established order, and many of Turkey's long term problems will be exposed, especially between March 21 and November of 2019. The county will do fine, but, leadership will enter a period of instablitity starting in March of 2020, after which it will turn it into a very influential international power.

Turkey will experience some unexpected shocks to the government between January 12 and February 6, as well as some religious bickering. Between February 6 and April 18, Turkey will emerge as a strong force in arts, entertainment, science, and fashion. The periood between April 18 and May 9 looks disruptive, and there may be civil unrest and problems within the government for a short while--perhaps more protective measures will be taken at this time, and economic pressures will be pronouced. The period between May 9 and June 14 will provide some relief and the people will seem happy, although still under financial pressure. The Mars period from June 14 to July 5 looks like it will generate some terrorist attacks, fire and even some minor earthquakes in Eastern Turkey, although this will be greatly lessened by Jupiter's influence on the chart. July 9 to September 11 will probably be a troubling time for Turkey, and it will be on the world stage. Tne most likely scenario is some type of government scandal or threat of war or economic dilemma, which will pass by September 11, 2019. From September 11 through November 6, Turkey will enter a period of optimism and control again. From November 6 through the end of the year Turkey will stabilize and even expand economically, but there will be a change of major planetary period that this is leading up to starting in February 2020 which will lead to new leaders or a new kind of society-more liberal, less restrictive and more expansionist, over the next six years. I will write more about this change in 2020 in the coming months.                                        

The United States is in the process of reconfiguring itself, perhaps as a more autocratic, less participatory country. The U.S. will not have a Caesar, but the next 15 years will see almost unprecedented classs conflict in the United States. It appears to be the end of an era of increasing liberalism and expansion and the U.S. will be focused more on its own problems as opposed to those of the world. The fractious nature of the dialogue between government, press, business and the working person will not resolve itself for quite a few years. But technological innovation will be high. Any impeachment attempt on the President, will come to nothing. Domestic violence and even assassination attempts will proliferate in May and July to August, and domestic violence (rioting) is a distinct possibility. More scandals will encompass both political parties.

Breaking up the internet and communications giants will become fashionable in the U.S. and in Europe, starting in late February and coninuing through th e summer months. As a matter of fact this trend has already shown some sign of gaining steam and will continue through 2021 as Saturn aspects Gemini.

India should continue to do well through the end of 2019, but there will be some spiritual scandals there, and some minor economic issues towards the end of 2019.

China will do well through October, but it will underho undergo a major philosophical shift away from government control and towards a more liberal and innovative society with more freedom and chaos. China will become a media force starting this year.

Russia is in a fairly lucky period right now. It is in a Sun dasa (Sun with Rahu) and a Moon Bhukti which is good for its influence in other countries--even if the Sun Rahu conjunction gives expansionist tendencies.

France's civil unrest will likely last until late January 2019, with more outbreaks and an attempt to change the government as early as March. The French chart is very weak and will be for another couple of years and will give the country exposure to more right wing influences..

Germany, on December 13, 2018, entered a Venus-Rahu period. This will usher in an era of xenophobia and panic about preserving its society. It is likely more radical and less philanthropic policies will develop as the country absorbs more refugees.

Japan has had some difficult transits over the past year, but it will assert its position on the world stage again soon. It is, like Indonesia, entering a Rahu dasa, so expect massive world changing technology and Japan to be, as time progresses, more aggressive, starting this year.

European Union-The European Union will suffer from secssionay urges, especially from Italy and Greece. Given Turkey's coming change of dasas,Turkey may finally be granted entry by the end of the year.


General tendencies:

The placement of Venus and Moon in Libra will put express pressure on relationships, as was experience between May and September of 2018; however, this combination will allow relationships to break up and transition into new relationships more smoothly than last year. People will leave relationships to enter new, happier relationships and there will be less animosity than this year's breakups.

Sun and Saturn in Sagitarrius joined by Ketu in March will make people somewhat disappointed with traditional religion and ethics and Jupiter in Scorpio will increase interest in the occult and unseen world, increasing interest in mysticism and astrology throughout the year. The danger is that many fundamentalist groups will be more active the coming year and more interested in making their positions known violently. This will be more likely between April and May and will cause economic disruption.

Rahu moving from Cancer to Gemini will underscore the attention focused on media and calls for media reform will be extensive. For some countries, such as China, the U.S. and Russia, this will be a good development. For others, it will cause panic and a general distrust in government, the internet and mass communications. Watch for attempts to de-mononopolize social network sites like Facebook and YoTube. There will be some countries threatening to ban access, and there will be an extraordinary attack on free speech, while recognizing that content is being manipulated and used against the consumer of content.

The last sensitive point on the chart is Mars in Pisces. This will be a year to watch out for concerted attacks on religion from all parts of the world. Also, we have seen a couple of cases of healers and gurus attacked for sexual abuse allegations. This will worsen in 2019 and several spiritual organizations may collapse.

The year ahead is summarized for people with the following Vedic Sun, Moon or rising signs. (Please note: these are general tendencies taken from planetary positions. For a chart which will address your individual needs, I recommend consulting a professionally trained, certified astrologer with a good reputation for accuracy and ethical behavior. -Dr. Gary Gomes

Aries (Vedic Sun is April 15-May 15) will have problems with supervisors but also new luck and unexpected career issues, especially in April. Married life will also present problems, as this sign will feel abused or taken for granted. Also, there will be strong ambition for this sign to become famous or recognized in career. New relationship and business opportunities will present themselves in February to March. 

Taurus (Vedic Sun May 15-June 15) will have some difficulty in receiving payments due them and in collecting money, but will also experience good financial opportunities. Relationship opportunities will be good for this sign in February and again in May, 2019. There can be gains through friends, relationship partners and real estate, especially in the fall

Gemini (Vedic Sun June 15-July 15) will experience great fame, good work opportunities, but long term relationships may be difficult or unexpected. However, there will be good times with children, friends, awards and even short term romances. Career life will boom this year and this sign will experience great career growth.

Cancer (Vedic Sun July 15-August 15) will experience expenses and some minor problems with jealous individuals at work. Minor health issues will suppress your happiness. but work life but also provide good financial luck and success at work if you aggressively pursue your goals.

Leo (Vedic Sun August 15-September 15) This will experience good educational and promotional opportunities, but this sign will need to be careful about its children and some negative impact from past actions. The placement of Mars in Pisces can also produce some negative feelings from spouse, but short trips will be extremely productive, especially in October.

Virgo (Vedic Sun September 15-October 15) will experience great travel opportunities and , but will face difficulties with relationshp partner at home and will experience great work success. Finances should be excellent this year, but only through willingness to travel regularly especially to advise and teach.

Libra (Vedic Sun October 15-November 15) will have great courage and have the opportunity to fulfill some long term ambitions and achieve accolades and financial progress. However, some difficulties might be faced for father or government this year and supervisors will be very demanding.

Scorpio (Vedic Sun November 15-December 15) should feel lucky this year, but will face domestic problems and may need to watch expenses more carefully. Some problems with relationship partners are expected, and one should watch out for excessive drinking and consumption on the part of relationship partners. Also, money flow will probably be disrupted several times this year.

Sagittarius (Vedic Sun December 15-January 15) will have a difficult year with some interference with personal goals. The placement of Jupiter in Scorpio provides financial opportunities from a distance and being rescued at the last minute. The placement of Mars in Pisces will give access to real estate, but fights with spouse, but finances from work will be generous.

Capricorn (Vedic Sun January 15-February 14) will experience expenses (especially after March) but there will be financial growth this year. There will be unexpected problems with luck especially after March and it will be a very up and down period for this sign. Work life will be good however, and this sign will be willing to take financial risks.

Aquarius (Vedic Sun February 14-March 15) will experience a lot of energy this year; some alienation from friends is evident, but work life and general luck will be full and rich and a source of joy-relationship life will be strained though and some with this sign may see bad luck to their spouses or business associates.

Pisces (Vedic Sun March 15-April 15) will have a challenging year of work, but will have generally good luck and good rewards this year. Energy levels will be high and this sign will feel like doing things and going places, which may be difficult on relationship life, especially in June and late October. Home life will be challenging and and somewhat argumentative, but relationship partners will do well financially.

Dr. Gary Gomes

December 22, 2018

Contact at: [email protected]

or at 508-525-0001

or on Facebook at Northeast Institute of Vedic Astrology and Studies

Look for a more detailed article on world predictions in the eAstrological Magazine!

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