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Solar Eclipse Pisces 2016

Where are we in the polyphonic symphony of our world which is enlightened with the LIGHTS of those who have ciphered themselves out with the illumination of their souls and many who have made their appearances parading around with bodies that seem to be DEVOID OF LIGHT having gotten lost in the darkness of their own back cutting souls? Who are we? How much do we reflect ourselves, and how much do we act as something other than our true selves by alienating to it. Is it the worm of good or bad that our heart feeds? In cases where we can give the answers to the questions to ourselves, justly and intrepidly, we might be defeated! In Vedic Astrology, ‘’MİNA’’, that is to say Pisces, represents the last phase where the Atman merges to the Brahma, and the individual becomes one with the universal whole. Mina is symbolised by two fish beholding each other from opposite directions. Those born under Mina, swim in the ocean of existence with ease. They can dive into the cool peaceful waters that are underneath the rough deep surface. They are feminine and mutable. They can go each and every direction and lose their way, and are under the risk of being swollen by others. We will be experiencing a SOLAR eclipse, where we will be getting our fair share depending on our intentions. Everything in the universe progresses according to the principle of “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SAW”. Think of the last 8 year of your lives and try to understand what might be awaiting you in the future. Neither good nor any bad is unrequited. This eclipse will make us understand and learn that, both HEAVEN and HELL are on this earth in proportion to what we had done, and made others go through. We can’t run away from ourselves forever!

Everybody dies a death that behoves their own soul’s colour!
Ye, my son! Everybody dies a death that’s behoves their own soul’s colour. It’s an enemy to the enemy, a friend to a friend!
The mirror reflects the true colour of the Turk. When beheld by the black man the mirror reflects black.
Ye soul, come to your senses! You see! In truth, you are afraid of yourself.
It’s not the face of death you see but your own ugly face. Your soul is like a tree and death, be only a leaf of it.
Canny or uncanny… Whatever that manifests to your heart, is rooted in you, your own existence.
His Holiness Mevlana Jalaluddin al-Rumi

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Let the heavens be your guide; Let your way of life be light.
Dr.Astrologer Senay DEVİ

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