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Rahu Ketu Luna Transits

Lunar Nodes, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node)’s Transits and their Effects on the Zodiac Signs
Rahu dominates dissatisfaction, panic, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorders, mass protests, passion, ambition, cancer, unlimited expansion, greed, innovativeness, technological developments, electricity and media. Other than that, it vexes non visible forces, black magic, magic, magical disciples (astrology included), lustful ecstasy, tolerance, boredom, non-visible obstacles, disappointments, promises made and broken, ideas and illusions. Planetary forces.

Ketu, sets rules on anonymity, sudden unexpected rise, sudden unexpected fall, lack of attention, discrimination (can strengthen psychic abilities) allergies, infection, bugs sting, hard to detect ailments, spiritual growth, being exposed to burglary. It can also indicate infections, hard to diagnose ailments, all kinds of harm, accidents, disasters, loss of position/status, at the same time weird, extraordinary, out of the blue events and relationships. When it comes to people with depression Ketu is in interaction with their natal planets in their natal charts. This is also a planet that is highly indecisive and directionless which in turn may lead to confusion. Ketu is a planet that has been destroyed.

Having manifested from the same entity Rahu and Ketu share similar qualities. Rahu is a snake, it is the head of Asura, whereas Ketu is the tail. They both had great power even before drinking Amrita. They are indestructible. Since Rahu is all sensory organs and no stomach to store or hide anything, it’s never satisfied. Since Ketu is all body and does not have a head it does not have a meaning on its own and is illogical and is vulnerable and establishes a bond with everything that channelizes its energy.


Rahu transits 4th House

Since Rahu will be transiting the 4th House health can be a matter of concern on your part. This transit, will have an impact on your educational endeavors and academic hopes, you should be more careful and susceptible about your mother’s health and family life. With Rahu transiting your 4th House, you may feel insecure and fear of losing prestige and honor may heighten. In this regard, you may have to face many hardships and problems that may lead to disappointment. You may have to deal with problems when it comes to land, estate and vehicles/tools.

With the Rahu transit, you can focus on your private matters and personal life. You will have to fulfill your responsibilities towards your family and will have to strive to make your home environment better. With the Rahu energy if you get the strong urge to be more controlling this may lead to friction. Nobody likes being controlled. Do not try to mastermind the life of others.

Ketu transits the 10th House

The Ketu transits in Capricorn indicates a tumultuous period with regards to your career. The way to success may require a lot of effort and struggle. You may have to overcome challenges in your business. You may have to deal with problems brought on by elders. Be careful with the political intrigues running behind your back. Do justice to your abilities.

You may expect a sudden turn of events in financial matters. In business life you may become more recognized. You may also want to have a sudden change of jobs/career. Some of your important projects can be delayed and you will have to show extra effort to fulfill your assignments. Under this transit, refrain from getting into arguments with authority figures, the elderly and government officials.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: In order to prevent financial and emotional damage abstain from taking acute decisions and gravitating towards unfamiliar fields.

While Rahu transits the 3rd House, it will be bringing around favorable circumstances but along with that Jupiter’s interaction may bring about compelling circumstances. Taurus’ business dealings will be on the increase and they’ll be in their strong suit.

Rahu transit will be favorable for you in many regards and you will be incurring benefits in very many ways. During this transit, you will be getting material joy and it is possible for you to incur unexpected gains. This will be a great time for you to learn new things and try new ideas. You may experience various things through your communication skills and will be able to present your ideas in a convincing manner. You may also get the opportunity to travel frequently during this period.

Even though the Rahu transit mostly brings about favorable results, you should take care not to display hard-line attitudes and utter cutting remarks without knowing all the facts. You should refrain from being sarcastic and try to display a gentler attitude. During Rahu’s transit, you will have to develop the art of being a good listener.

Ketu transits the 9th House

Ketu transit shall increase your interest in religious and spiritual matters. You will be indulging in spiritual matters and you will want to research more and more about beliefs. You will find answers to the questions that’ve been crossing your mind for a long time. During the transit of Ketu from the 9th House your higher mind will be triggered. You will get the chance to visit sites that are of religious importance.
You may encounter fluctuations in finances with this transit. For that reason, refraining from relying solely on your luck and by putting in the extra effort would lead you to get better results. You should not take it easy in any of your work or else you may miss good opportunities due to this attitude. In order not to have problems with the elders of your family you should be taking your responsibilities more seriously.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: Your working life will become better if you work more. You may need the guidance of a specialist when it comes to your business and academic endeavors. There’ll be conflict with siblings and your nearest and dearest, and between families. You must be wary of that.


Rahu transits the 2nd House

Geminis may have to encounter financial problems and hardships due to communication mishaps. Jupiter’s retrograde may trigger adversities due to the harmful effects of Rahu.

Rahu’s transit of the 2nd House, will help you to better analyze what you need to do regarding financial matters. It is an energy that should make you become aware of the value of what you have. In general, Rahu in the 2nd House, can lead to turning upside down of gains and lead you to encounter quite a loss. Therefore, you should be very careful in financial transactions. Disaccord and conflict with the family members can really be compelling for you. Abstain from substances that lead to addiction; they can have adverse effects on your health.

Under this transit you will have to take care of your oral health well since you will be having problems with your throat, neck, teeth and nose. It will be in your own interest to have regular eye examinations.

Ketu transits the 8th House

During the Ketu transit, you may have to deal with unexpected distress, you should be careful about that. Try not to take unnecessary risks in the face of potential threats. During this transit your priority should certainly be “Security Comes First”. You should be careful when handling sharp object like kitchen utensils. You should make sure that any of your undertakings do not pose any risks.

During the transit of Ketu from your 8th House, you will be more interested in mysticism and philosophy. You can develop yourselves in these areas. Ketu transits are not a good period to get loans. For that reason, you should try to keep away from incurring debt or getting loans. During the Ketu transit you will give importance to secrecy and not share many things with others.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: In financial matters it would be best for you to be cautious. Also be careful with what you are saying, or else you would be misleading others!


Rahu transits your 1st House

Rahu transit can lead to problems with health and bring about physical ailments. In general, with you starting to think of every major thing or minute detail your mental faculties can go into disaccord. This over thinking can lead to confusion and interfere with your decision making processes, therefore you must be careful. You will have to work on developing your abilities and improving your image rather than focusing on the unfavorable ideas. In bilateral relations, you should voice your ideas with confidence and beat those that have an opposing view down to size with your knowledge. You should be careful of giving promises that you will be able to fulfill under this transit. Problems in interpersonal matters can rise during this period and you may have difficulty in understanding the view point of others. Rahu will make you become aware of your own potential. This will lead you to come forefront more forcefully and will help you to assert yourself in a more balanced and peaceful manner. This transit will be teaching you not to take decisions fast depending on your instincts and impulses.

Ketu transits the 7th House

Ketu transits, can lead to problems when it comes to health and wellbeing in general. You may have to suffer a blow when it comes to relationships and thread a bumpy road when it comes to marriages. Married Cancers, the health of your spouse can come into play at this juncture.

If you are in a partnership, you will probably be encountering hardships and your business partners, contributors may not cooperate when it comes to important matters. You may have to incur financial and emotional damages due to lack of attention. Under this transit, it would be to your benefit to deal with activities that will be strengthening your mind.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: You should try to refrain from taking sudden life changing decisions as long as it is possible. It would be in your best interest, certainly to get advice from a specialist when you feel inadequate.


Rahu transits the 12th House

Rahu’s transit, can lead to very many changes on different levels and you may have to experience some unexpected developments. Rahu’s transit can lead you to get lost in an eternal world of imagination. You will be oft lost in your own thoughts and sever your connection with reality. You must keep under control your urge to splurge and it would be in your best interest to abstain from spending extravagant sums on unimportant things. During Rahu’s transit, you may alienate yourself from others since your levels of tolerance will have worn down and you will have the tendency to become a loner. Be careful, if you are to isolate yourself, this may lead to some misunderstandings and problems.

Feeling anxious over minute and not very critical things is a feeling that can be experienced intensely during Rahu’s transit. Instead of feeling inadequate, you should strive to get to the right sources of inspiration and develop yourselves. You have good chances of establishing connections with foreigners. It is possible for you to establish these connections through social media. You may get the chance to travel abroad.

Ketu transits the 6th House

Ketu transit will be the perfect time for you and you will experience various favorable developments in your life. Ketu will render you fearless, you will be acting brave in many regards.

While Rahu leads you to illusions, Ketu will have you getting the desired clarity achieved through your own efforts. You will be more successful at work and even if you face problems regarding your employment you will be able to come up with effective solutions and deal with everything.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: You should not be idolizing others while vilifying yourselves with an over imaginative approach and you should be careful not to incur financial and emotional damage by gravitating towards unfamiliar fields. Rahu’s transit in your 12th House will lead to an increase in your expenditures. Travel plans or journeys popping out of the blue may lead to financial problems.


Rahu transits the 11th House

Astrologically, Rahu transiting from the 11th House is a very favorable aspect since Rahu is related to new sources of income, a better status within the society, and better chances of succeeding and popularity. Due to higher chances of success in business and rise in demand to the work you do, this transit is a favorable one which will be increasing your gains.

During the Rahu transit, you will be feeling more positive when it comes to business and you will be able to get the right opportunities.

Your social life will be moving up a notch. In order to benefit from Rahu’s favorable aspects you have to master the art of cooperation and develop team spirit. When it comes to relationships you should refrain from over dramatization. Even though this is a pretty lucky transit, your unfulfilled desires and whims can meddle your mind constantly. You should also try not to forget your old friends while you spend time with your new acquaintances and balance out your social responsibilities well.

Ketu transits 5th House

Ketu’s transit will be heightening your intuition and evaluate matters with a more detailed approach. You may feel your mind getting clouded and not able to express yourselves as freely. This may lead to confusion in many areas and manifest as a decrease in your coming to grasps with things, of having difficulty in understanding. While Ketu transits the 5th House, making your enemies and rivals suffer, to compete with them can bring about unexpected damages and unfavorable circumstances may arise from falling prey to your ambitions.

For those who have children this may mean unexpected distress. You should be more interested in your child or children and spend more time with them concerning yourself with their spiritual development. On the other hand, you may have to deal with your children’s health matters. If you are in a relationship get ready for a turbulent time. Misunderstandings between the two of you, and getting into me and you contention might make it inevitable for you to face emotional stress. On the other hand, Ketu transits can suppress your creativity. You may find comfort in the ordinary and you may get stuck into the same patterns.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: Cross your t’s and dot your i’s at work and personal life, to make the right decisions. You must clarify your mind of pessimism and both mental and spiritual unrest and develop yourselves in these regards.


Rahu transits the 10th House

Rahu transit can have you go through many uncertainty and dramatic changes. The effects of this transit will become visible at work first. You may have to face problems due to a change of colleagues and chances of a new transfer. Your financial situation can take the toll and you may need to take the responsibility of unexpected expenditures. All these changes can have an impact on your general wellbeing and wear down your stamina.

When Rahu is transiting your 10th House, you should take careful steps in your career and it would be wise for you to abstain from taking whimsical and egotistical decisions. Some of the people you trust can turn their backs on you and you may have to deal with the skullduggery of these people but you have to guard your status and reputation. Be kind and logical in your dealings with authority figures. This, will not be a totally negative transit for you; if you manage to continue to work in an attentive and controlled manner, you may gain popularity and recognition as long as you concentrate on any one of the areas of your work without getting too distracted and try to be productive. If you continue to practice this, you will be able to enjoy good success and the security you desire.

Ketu transits your 4th House

Ketu can bring forth matters of land and property to your agenda. Whatever your successes and failures be, this may lead you to feel dissatisfied constantly. During Ketu’s transit from the 4th House, you may have difficulty expressing yourself to others if you are going through emotional problems.

During the Ketu transit, your relationships with your mother’s nearest and dearest can tense up and conflict may arise. And problems with your mother’s health can come to the fore. You may be inclined to be immune in your private life and this can create huge problems in your relationship with your spouse. If you are in the real estate sector you must be very careful when signing the dotted line of the contracts you are making.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: In order to prevent disagreements in business and family life you must be very careful about your parents’ health matters. Even though you will be put to the test in many regards, being patient and keeping calm will help you overcome every obstacle.


Rahu transits the 9th House

Rahu transits can result in changes in your cultural, religious, traditional, personal beliefs and values. During the transit of Rahu from the 9th House you may get the chance to discover new cultures, traditions, and places. You may feel an intense pull at multi-cultural living and can learn about their different ways and unique qualities. Rahu will be triggering your curiosity and this will direct you to get as much information as possible. But you’ve got to be careful so as not to let facts getting mixed up with falsities.

During Rahu transits pay heed to your inner voice and do not disregard the intuitive messages you get. To be more happy stop dwindling on minute details and try to see the bigger picture. Relying on your abilities will be key for you to experience better things and advance.

Ketu transits the 3th House

Ketu transit can bring about a wonderful period for you and you may get many advantages. With Ketu’s energy in your 3rd House you will be feeling more confident and adventurous. You will have good health and during this period your stamina and energy levels will increase.

With the efforts you have put forth in your business and academic endeavors you will be experiencing a new level of success. If there are problems bugging your mind in relation to the past, you will be able to resolve them. You may get chances for short distance trips. Be prepared for exciting experiences. You will succeed in competitions and exams.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: You should stay away from taking sudden decisions and risks in your career lives. A non-deploying and stable job should be the best choice for you, you should keep this in mind.


Rahu transits the 8th House

Rahu transit means a huge transformation for you. You have to learn that getting help and resources from others is not that bad. During Rahu’s transit of your 8th House, you may have to deal with matters related to inheritance and legal rights.

During Rahu transits, you may get the chance to have a variety of experiences in relation to your aspirations for the future and events you want to encounter. Examine the general patterns. Make sure not to be too rigid when you try to achieve a level of security and stability. Rather than trying to control others and different things, try to be more open hearted and flexible. During Rahu’s transit your personality can be hugely transformed.

Ketu transits your 2nd House

Ketu transits, can bring forth unfavorable circumstances when it comes to finances and wealth. Like the turning upside down of businesses which were doing good. You should be very careful when it comes to your personal items and valuables. You may have to deal with theft and losses. You must especially be careful of robberies while travelling. You may have problems with others because you express yourself hot-headedly.

During Ketu’s transit of your 2nd House you may have problems with your ears, nose, throat and eyes. You may also suffer stomach problems. During Ketu transit, you may have to deal with problems related to family members and have to deal with differences of opinion and repeating arguments. In order to circumvent the arguments that may arise, you must invest your accumulations on secure businesses avoiding risks and keep away from unfamiliar areas that might be risk prone.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: During the transits of the lunar nodes you have to take care of your health. Accidents may occur so be cautious while driving or riding. Do not get behind the wheel while you are tired, angry or sleepless. You should avoid illegal activities and practical jokes in the sea.


Rahu transits your 7th House

During Rahu transits relationship matters can come to the fore. During Rahu’s transit of your 7th House, misunderstandings and differences will be rising between you and your spouse. Your desire to rule, your tendency to cover up your mistakes, may lead you to display uncontrollable anger and attitudes that will have an impact on your spouse’s health. And you may have to face serious problems in your relationship as a result of making the same mistakes over and over again. Rahu transits can lead to problems in communication. İllegal matters are also among the proceeds of this transit.

You will have to strive more to develop your personal abilities and talents and present your ideas to others in a more convincing manner. When it comes to certain matters you should try to maintain rapport with those who will not be sharing the same opinions with you on certain matters without feeling uncomfortable. During this transit, you will gradually become a more diplomatic person. In your personal and business affairs, keep away from conflict. If you are running a business partnership the equations with your partners can get tense and this may lead to severing of ties.

Ketu transits the 1st House

Ketu transits, can have you encountering many obstacles in various areas of life. It may make it difficult to take prompt decisions and lead you to feel desperate when you become aware of your mistakes and anger. Instead of self-pity you should strive to gain without losing what you’ve already broken. Ketu transit points out that you your career and personal life will suffer the most. There is the possibility of your important projects getting caught up in stumbling blocks. Your rivals and those who feel enmity towards you can try to use your weaknesses to their own advantage, you should be careful of that.

The good news is that you may get many opportunities to travel and may learn a lot during your journeys. You should be careful of health matters like increasing of fever and stomach problems. This transit will be a good time for your spiritual growth and transformation of your personality’s harmful aspects, so do the best you can and succeed.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: In your private life, you should not keep quiet about problems originating from your friends and nearest and dearest but you should also remember your past experiences and be mindful of not repeating the behaviors that would yield the same results. You should be risk averse when it comes to your business affairs. If you are working in an official business keep secure the documents and articles of value that you have been vested with.


Rahu transits the 6th House

Rahu transit will be favorable for you and you may experience various positive changes. After the compelling trials that you’ve been through, you will now feel more confident and brave and will be able to challenge them with a renewed energy. You can attain peace and harmony with your enemies and those whom you’ve had problems with through a strategic approach. It will be in your best interest to strive to do that. You may see an increase in your finances in general and get income from new sources. You may even get better results in the most unexpected areas.

During the Rahu’s transit in your 6th House, you may have to face minute but tiresome problems when it comes to employment. Therefore, it might be in your best interest not to accept each and every offer that comes your way. You may feel accoutered and energized during this transit. However, you must be careful of health problems that are seemingly minor and unimportant ailments since these can lead to bigger problems in time. During Rahu transits you may have to face some problems with your routine activities, therefore you have to make sure that you organize your affairs well.

Rahu transits your 12th House

The transit of Ketu, will see you reaping huge benefits in some regards. During this transit of Ketu from your 9th House you will be able to learn to LET GO. This indicates that you will be understanding that everything is not under your control and hence this will retain you from trying to keep others unnecessarily under control and you will be decreasing what you expect from others gradually.
Since you will be feeling that others are not doing their best, professionally, you may have to encounter certain issues and have to deal with hardships stemming from not getting the jobs under your responsibility done and entrusting them to others. Try to take your assignments more seriously and pay attention to details. Those living abroad or planning to travel abroad may have to deal with some problems. What’s more, those who had endeavored on business ventures abroad or with foreigners may not get the results they’ve expected.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: Since Rahu and Jupiter’s combination will lead you to face difficulties, your health will especially be a matter of concern for you. You may have to deal with problems related to your stomach or liver. You may have to undergo surgery. If you have weak bones or problems with your blood sugar, you should not neglect your medical check-ups and should be more apprehensive than ever. Also, under this transit you may have to face judicial matters and lose a court case.


Rahu transits the 5th House

Rahu transits, impact your ability to concentrate and stabilize your mind which in turn has its toll on your performance. This transit will not be an auspicious time especially to venture in financial endeavors and stock exchange, Rahu can lead to a lot of mishaps and this may lead you to make critical mistakes. There might be sudden loss of fortune. You should be taking careful decisions with this in mind. Your children’s health and overall performance can also be matter of concern for you.

You may have to deal with hardships in your private life. It is of critical importance for you to keep a high level of transparency in order to obviate misunderstanding that will arise due to minute details. The 5th House represents the home, the past, your ancestors and the spiritual habits you have inherited from them, favorable or unfavorable repercussions of past events which in a way represents the karmic credit you have gained. Rahu in your 5th House can partially open up the reserves of gains for you. This may mean that when you are encountering various events luck will be on your side, and you may be getting unexpected support. During this transit your mind can get flooded with many creative ideas. New ideas, can help you to have breakthroughs in areas that your business affairs have become stagnated.

Ketu transits the 11th House

Since you may be getting unexpected gains and avails for your efforts in the past, Ketu transit will be a favorable time for you. You can increase your financial gains when Ketu remains in your 11th House. You will be able to come up with clever strategies to attain the things you have been dreaming of for the last couple of years and will encounter circumstances that will enable you to fulfill your desires. If you know how to share, these will get realized for you. What you expect with regards to your career will become clarified and there’ll be developments in this regard. During this transit, depending on the merits of your past deeds you may get good results. Due to this, you will be able to constantly develop your existing circumstances with original thinking and reinventing yourselves, rendering them to be more stable. During this process, you should be displaying consistent and sincere effort to succeed, or else people will consider your success to be a mere coincidence. You may have problems with your friends ideas might get stolen. You should especially try not to be inattentive or let yourselves get distracted by others when it comes to educational and academic pursuits.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION: You must be very careful especially during the transit of Rahu in your 5th House and keep in mind that this transit will have a huge impact on your career. Academicians, children and mental problems can come forth more intensely during this transit. This will have its toll on your careers, those academician natives, mental peace and even children. Pregnant women should especially be careful during this transit. They should avoid all kinds of tiresome mental and physical activities and for the sake of their own and babies’ health.

Let the heavens be your guide, let your way be that of light,
Dr. Astrologer Senay DEVI

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