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August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse in Leo

During the solar eclipse that will occur on August 21, 2017 at 21:26 in Leo, Mercury, the planet of communication will be in retrograde.

Eclipses have always been observed and recorded for centuries in Astrology and were always considered to be one of the most important celestial events. Endings and beginnings, destructions and reconstructions are the repercussions of the eclipse. However, eclipses always should always be taken into regard. The effects of each Solar and Lunar eclipse will have their effects on our lives for the next 6 to 12 months.

Solar Eclipse: It occurs when the Moon enters between the Sun and the Earth and blocks the light of the Sun. A solar eclipse is always a New Moon. Solar Eclipses impact individuals and in return large masses.
During the solar eclipse life energy that is reflected to us diminishes in power. Since the Sun is linked with authority and leadership, during these periods, management/government can get emaciated which may lead to mayhem and chaos.

Coming face to face with issues of the past, regional earthquakes, accidents and fire are among the potential repercussions of the Solar eclipse.

Solar and Lunar eclipses will continue to unravel their effects for 6 to 12 months. Individually, depending on whichever house the Solar eclipse impacts in your chart, there’ll be developments on matters related to that house. The effects of eclipses with regards to your native chart can be positive or negative in accordance with the degree or the sign that the eclipse occurs in!

The Sun is related to the Father, spirit and ego, power, authority, avidity, reigning and status. During the Solar eclipse to occur on August 21, 2017 at 21:26 in Leo, Mercury, the planet of communication will be retrograde and the axis of the eclipse will have an impact on the United States.

The areas that the Sun symbolizes are the areas that have the highest security vulnerability. HEALTH issues can have a deep impact on the leaders, authorities and well renowned people of the entertainment world around the globe. Specifically, for those who are born on the 3rd or 10th days of Leo, eclipses are times that require attention, for a period of six months the body can weaken, those that already have health problems can be more effected by the solar eclipse energy. These eclipses will also be triggering energies for fame and success for those people under the radar.

The effects will emanate depending on whether the planets that have ill-starred placements in a chart are interacting with the eclipse or not… Many scandals may come into the picture, particularly in the U.S.A. and health problems along with issues that will make it to the agenda of yellow journalism about the lives of famous people, sudden developments and scandals about the governments can come out into the open in many other countries like the U.S.A., U.K., China, Korea, Greece and Germany.

Some scandals can also occur in Turkey. Striking developments with regards to ongoing cases of the coup-d’etat attempt can make it to the agenda of the country.

Those individuals, institutions or countries whose sun signs, ascendants, and moon signs are Leo or Acquarius and those natives who have significant placements in the signs of Leo and Aquarius in their native charts can encounter historic developments. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Leo is of great significance for all the leaders all around the world. This eclipse is of significant importance specifically, for the President of the United States and its government officials.

Whichever house the eclipse is to occur in the chart of the countries, it stresses a time that requires caution for those who are ruling in the world. This occurrence signifies distress regarding the success of the attempts to be made for the health and security of the leaders. This Solar Eclipse gives point to a concentration of challenging aspects for Donald TRUMP.

The Lunar eclipse that occurred on August 7, 2017 has led to the straining of ties between the U.S. A. and North Korea. The Solar Eclipse that will occur on August 21, 2017 will aggravate not only this dissention but also those existing problems all over the world.

When we evaluate the situation with an outlook on our country and the World, Aquarius Leo eclipses have a great impact on masses. Historic changes might be experienced with regards to climate and political tradition. These eclipses carry energies that can greatly impact political and religious leaders. Conspiracies to overthrow governments and leaders, assassinations, military intervention, political games can come to the fore.

Specifically, large-scale gales over the seas, water borne diseases, damages, natural disasters are among the things that this eclipse points out. During the Solar Eclipse to occur in Leo on August 21, 2017, with the effects of Mercury’s retrograde and the North Node many crises and changes can be encountered with regards to financial markets, international travel, communication, transportation, issues related to religion and belief, the shared values of people and codes of conduct.

This eclipse can increase cardiac problems and lead to sudden grievances. In the international arena, situations and scandals that will lead to historic discussions with regards to arms trade, weapons and chemicals and matters related to these.

What does his nibs Mewlana say: ‘ Why are you complaining saying it’s TOO DIFFICULT! It wouldn’t be a TEST if it’s not difficult.

With the energy of the eclipse, things will not come to the fore at once, we should not take the effects that may unfold in the coming months out of our minds. The problems that may arise with relation to the climate, earthquakes that might happen, hurricanes, floods, fires and accidents that might occur. The Solar Eclipses may bring forth these events within the 6 and 9 months (it can go up to 12 months) to follow the eclipse but does not necessarily purport that they will.

Eclipses harbor energies that warn not to dwell on stuff that are out of our control for those who still contain emotions within their soul, and do not neglect but following their hearts.

ECLIPSES are important. It is an opportunity for us the thespians strutting our way through the world stage to mend our broken hearts and get our acts together, it can awaken us to abstain from saying me all the time and to come to the grasps with the ONENESS, to mature in order to become WE, to comprehend the worth of those who love and to respond with love, to put in the effort, and discriminate the right from the wrong, to grow away from keeping grudges, harboring hate and jealously going down deep into the soul to thank the Almighty for what we have and solve our PIN codes.

Ultimately, heavens are in service of GOD. What falls on our part is to be careful.

With the energy of the eclipse, we should question the good and bad aspects within our souls, what we have gone through and what we’ve made others go through, put the effort to set our bearings and have the courage to ask ourselves these questions and admit their answers:

Did I learn to tell friend from foe and to embrace them?

Did I develop the ability to haste or slow down when it’s called for having come to grasps with the fact that the only contest that can be lost is the race against time?

Did I fathom existence by rendering thanks to not what I had expected but what is?

Did I acknowledge that the awry will not be right?

Did I really follow my true values lending an ear to my heart’s desires to see how my ego crucifies me to enthrallment, how it overwhelms me when I cannot overcome it?

Did I try to become one with my essence without becoming alienated to it?

Can I treat those who manage their lives by employing strategies not in the same manner but with the qualities that make me who I am as a unique human being?

Did I try to be happy with those who were like me?

Do I perceive that the reality of love is borne out of not giving up, that it gets enhanced if you give?

Do I become happy coming to understand how much value I hold to be grateful for, by not fighting my past but learning to stay in the present?

And what’s more, am I willing to die and resurrect, to be kneaded with patience and to grow, to learn and to teach, to apprehend the things I did right without giving up but through living?

After giving the answers to these questions, I gratefully WELCOME another process that is full of health, love, belief and enticements with family, love and patience and indebtedly embrace its reverberations.


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