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November 2016 Celestial Energies

Free your minds. Yee Mortals, Dispel your worries and redeem your lives from all the unavailing complaints! Predestination rules the world. Everything is fixed with abiding laws, and long ages have adjudicated a course of events that are predestined. The seal of death is stamped at the moment of birth; our end is determined at our beginning.


NOVEMBER is a special month where we have to unite around the values that make the universal HUMANS, HUMAN BEINGS, to value our world and our lives, to advance through what we need to be doing by becoming aware of our individual responsibilities in life, not just to pass the day, but to strive and make the day livable, to live life to its fullest, by hearing the sound of the World and the Universe, to play and vibrate from the human mode; more precisely it’s a time when we will be remembering the values that come along with being a “good” person - those values that we have forgotten, and grew distant to- and will be shaken by signs of warning to resurrect the soul we have lost in the magical world of technology, where we will be placing effort to be nourished in this regard.

The energies will be leading us to awakening in proportion with our awareness as an individual, and humanistic values, where our own efforts will be coming to the fore more intensively; thankfulness, patience, mercy, and sharing, the love of the divine will be coming to the fore to guide those who are awakening and be the light to illuminate the darkness. As was the case in the preceding month, it seems that accidents shall continue to occur over land and sea both abroad and within our country, even though they’ll be reduced in number if not in severity.

Problems and unexpected consequences can be faced, specifically in matters related to the arts and aesthetics. When it comes to one on one relationships, heightening the tension in marriages and love affairs can trigger separations as a result of intolerance. On a political basis, the developments regarding collaborations, alliances and unions are among the energies that will be determining our agenda throughout the month. In our country, Turkey, the toll of the adventures our politicians embarked on, in the financial and international arenas, will slightly start to diminish in intensity with the coming of November. However, the government wing might have to deal with scandals at the end of 2016, and through most of 2017, and in accordance with that we can see some changes in the distribution of responsibilities within the ruling party and the cabinet.

The combinations that will be occurring between the great benefactor Jupiter and the representative of darkness, Pluto, can retrigger recently repressed tensions of some occurrences, and these tensions can tragically bring forth exploitation, cruelty, and violence around the World and in our country. Within the body of the government, and the big / multinational corporations and organizations that are owned by persons bankruptcies and financial damages might be incurred. Some events might be triggered that would call for imperative restructuring in politics, economy, the banks, and in the judicial areas. Celestial energies draw attention to the changes that can be experienced in medical matters, and fields of higher education.

Worldwide and within our country, conflicts due to financial crises can be experienced in government institutions, and their related bodies/organizations. From the perspective of the Economy, due to the socially unfair distribution of wealth, protests of the people against the governments can oft become a current issue. Tensions related to biological and chemical weapons may come to the fore jarringly with serious tribulations concerning social health in our country and abroad. Increase in epidemics that may widespread fast by becoming airborne, through water and animals can call forth new research and important medical developments. The month of November is a month of tribulations for humanity that will present exigent circumstances that require strife. Climate changes, aeronautic accidents, earthquakes and natural disasters will have their toll around the world. I would like to cite a paragraph from my article dated December 21, 2012, titled The World and Turkey.

“21.12.2012 is a marker; an indication that an awakening is dawning. I associate what we will be going through, at the brink of a new age, to labor pains. No birth can come about without pain. Be it a normal birth or a C-section there is always pain, and ordeal. However, it should not be forgotten that each birth is a miracle. We are at the start of a process where we will be questioning who we are, what we have done and the existence itself. Until 2016, important events will be manifested all around the world, and Humanity will either be able to pass this exam with the things that have been done or failed to done, or flunk it.”

“For each individual this may not come to mean an awakening that leads from the darkness to the light. Having thrown nature out of its balance captured by a greed of power and possession, and the numen to lead, if we, human beings continue to thread the ego-centric path, and do not help it to regain its balance and cannot come to grasp the spirit behind “US”, and fail to reach that consciousness as a collective, we will all be paying our dues, be that in a positive or negative way.

To sum up NOVEMBER is a month full of REFORMS. How and in which direction we will be putting them to good use is hidden in the Light and Dark characteristics of our souls in our heart of hearts.

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