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Divine Horomony Of The Sky Sirius

NECM-49 (Old)(53/NECM-49: That He is the Lord of Sirius.) / Turkish Religious Foundation (53/NECM-49: That He is the Lord of Sirius (the Mighty Star).) NECM -49 (53/23.) There is no doubt That He is the Lord of Sirius .Prof.Y.Nuri Öztürk

Image Description: When Orion and Sirius have reached to amidst of the sky, and Arterus has raised together with dawn, then hey princess collect grapes of Perses. HESIOD


Pisagor perceives the universe as a huge monochord. The sole wire connects the absolute SOUL on the top and absolute substance at the bottom; in other words connects skies and earth to each other. Pisagor separates the universe in to 9 sections by moving towards fates of the sky or 12 sections according to some authorities. Duodecimal system is as follows. The first section is called as “EMPRYEAN” or fates of “CONSTANT STARS”. That is the place where immortals live. Other sections are, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon, FIRE, AIR and SOIL fates. They were arranged as arrows of a wheel that had been divided into 12 horoscopes of the Zodiac. Scarlet was given to ARIES, and Red-orange to TAURINE; full orange to GEMINI; green to CANCER; yellow to LEO; yellowish green to VIRGO; full green to LIBRA; green, blue to SCORPION; full blue to SAGITTARIUS, blue-violet to CAPRICORN and violet-scarlet to PISCES. In order to protect arrangement of the colors of spectrum with octaves of the musical notes and color similarities of the appropriate tones and locations of the planets have a great mathematical harmony. MARS becomes “Do, “Re, “Mi”; SUN and MERCURY becomes “Fa”; SATURN becomes “Sol”, JUPITER becomes “La”, VENUS becomes “Si” and MOON becomes “Ti” and ceremony of the universe starts to echoing in the sky and on the ground through the notes of the music.

12-13-14 JULY 2015


23-24-25 JULY 2015


In order to make conjunction with a constant star, a planet does not require only being on the same longitude in other words not to be with the same horoscope degree. Locations of their DECLINATION degrees should be the same, mostly in 1 degree. On the mentioned date, in other words today is the longitude degree of the Sun is 14.05 and CANCER horoscope. The longitude degree of the SIRIUS is 14.05 CANCER horoscopes. There is a conjunction effect according to the longitude degree. However, their declination locations should be in 1 degree as well. Let’s have look immediately. The declination of Sun will be 22 North 41. At the same time declination of SIRIUS will be 15 South 44. When one of the heavenly bodies is on the North of the Equator, while the other is on the South of Equator, they cannot be in CONJUNCTION.

Here is the most current sample for you. There is nobody not to hear conjunction of Venus with Jupiter .These two planets are in conjunction effect not only for LONGITUDE but also for DECLINATION calculation. According to this calculation that we have made, Jupiter is on 14N47 north and Venus is on again 13N04 north of northern semi sphere. And this is the effect of conjunction.


Declinations should be within 1 degree and on the same semi sphere, even the longitude is the same. This is an unchangeable rule. Conjunction effect of a constant star with a planet is possible only via this way. Right now, we can cause to meet at least 10 constant stars with planets through a deficit/incomplete calculation. For example, let’s handle Alhena constant start and Mars. Alhena is on 09 degree Cancer and the Mars is on 08 degree Cancer. When we consider their longitude degrees we see that there is a conjunction. However when we consider the DECLINATION calculation, Alhena constant star is located on 16N24 north and Mars is located on 23N59 north. Since they are not within 1 degree, conjunction effect is OUT OF the question.

Here is another sample for you. The Subra constant star is on 24.15 Lion horoscope and Venus is 24.49 Lion horoscope. When we calculate with the longitudinal degree we may obtain the same degree and it seems that Venus and Subra are in conjunction. In order to have a conjunction effect declination location should be in 1 degree as well. Declination degree of Subra is 09N54 north and declination degree of Venus is 13N04 north. Is there any conjunction in this situation? NO THERE IS NOT.

According to the above mentioned calculation are SUN and SIRIUS in conjunction on 6 JULY 2015? No they are not. The rule of this calculation is simple: Being within the same LONGITUDE of a planet with a constant star displays that they are in conjunction, according to longitude calculation only. If we consider only longitude calculation, at least several planets will be in conjunction with constant stars every day. A calculation that has been fulfilled without considering DECLINATION calculation is deficit and even it is false. According to declination location there is a conjunction effect if it is in 1 degree. Sirius-A and Sirius-B are makes a pair of “SIRIUS” star that has taken place in the Canis Major. Sirius-A is known as AKYILDIZ (White Star) in Turkish and Şi-ra-i Yemaniye in Ottoman Turkish of this pair of stars, which its conjunction is “ALPHA Star of the bileşeni ‘’a CMa/a Canis Majoris/ Canis Major’’ is the brightest star on the sky in terms of its visible dignity. Together with its 1.47 visible dignity degree, it is 2 times brighter than Canopus, which is closest to it in terms of visible dignity degree and through this visual appearance on the sky during the nights it is the plays leading role. Sirius is seen as a single star with a naked eye; however it is a pair of stars consisting of Sirius-A that is located in A1V class and a white dwarf that has been named as Sirius B that is located in DA2 class in the class classification system according to spectrum types. This bright appearance of the Sirius-A depends on its closeness to the Solar system in addition to its own lighting power. Sirius-A is 2 times bigger than the Sun in terms of its mass and has a 1.42 absolute dignity. Its luminosity is 25 times bigger than the Sun. The age of the Sirius system is 200 million-300 million years. Due to its important role in the constellation, where it is located, and due to its important role in the Canis Major it is called as Canis Majoris. It has become subject of the mythological and folkloric stories independent from Sun. It was advising floods of River Nile in Egypt; beginning of the “Broiling Hot Days” in ancient Greece, and winter in Poinzezia. It was becoming an important pathfinder to sailors in the Pacific Ocean. Sirius, which its names was included in the astronomic and astrologic records belonging various civilizations, is called as Sopdet in Ancient Egypt, and is called as Sothis with its adopted name to Greek; however it is real name is Seriros in Greek. In ancient Egypt and during the Medium Kingdom period, Egyptians were arranged their calendars according to heliac rise of Sirius. The base day of this calendar was the day when Sirius appears on Egyptian Sky after 70 days disappearance and it corresponds to the summer solstice, right before flooding of the River Nile every year. Sirius-A was identified with the Goddes Isis in the ancient Egypt pantheon; hence it formed a trinity together with her spouse Osiris and son Horus. The said 70 days, when Sirius disappeared in the sky were denoted as the period when Isis and Osiris were in the next world called as Duat. Many Egyptian Temples were constructed as their interior rooms would see the Sirius. A canal that had been opened on the wall of the Queen Room in Cheops Pyramid was made only in order to Sirius. Ancient Greeks believed that appearance of Sirius after its disappearance period notifies a hot and dry summer; additionally they were anxious about that this would effect on living and wilt the plants. And again, it had been recorded in the old records that Sirius was observed as brighter when weather conditions at the beginning of summer worse. According to the ancient Greek observers, it means some effects that create negative impacts were spreading from the said star. Incurring of these effects by humans was called as “Astrobeletos”, which means “IMPACTED BY A STAR” in Greek. Thus, Sirius was identified as “Burning or Red-Hot”. The name of the season right after appearance of Sirius was called as “Days of Summer Canine”. People who lived in Aegean once upon a time was sacrificing animals to Sirius and Zeus for reducing of the cold weathers and waiting for appearance of it as it would play its main role as usual. They were looking the brightness degree of the star in order to give decision whether a good destiny is waiting for them or not. For instance, when brightness of the star was weak during foggy and soggy days, this situation was interpreted as it notifies Black Death. A dog that reflects beams and star illustrations were found on the coins belonging to 3rd Century B.C. and it expressly presents importance of Sirius on this island. The tumescence of the World at Equator region creates quaking upon the axial movements of the planet due to the gravitation of the Sun and the Moon. Depend on this issue, the precession that has been constituted once in every 26.000 years has been changing locations of the stars in the sky. For this reason the Sirius has been rising later in comparison with the past and its dawn rising does not correspond to the hottest days of the summer as it was in the past. Romans were celebrating Heliac rising of Sirius around 25 of April. They were sacrificing one dog during this celebration. They were using incense and drinking wine and sacrificing a sheep to the Goddes Robigo for harvesting their wheat product without incurring wheat rust caused by reflected effects of the star. Batlamuys of Alexandria used Sirius in order to determine locations of the central longitudes of the earth, in the 6th and 7th books of his study named as Almagest “Al-KITABU-L MIJISTI”, where he mapped the stars.


Sirius is called as “Şi-rayı Yemani” or “SIRA” in Arabic shortly. Except for the Sun, it is the only star that was mentioned in the NECM section of the Holy Quran. As an interesting coincidence, the said star was mentioned in the 49th verse of the section and in the 9th verse of the same section “TWO BOWS” that emphasizes orbits of two stars was expressed. These numbers constitute 49,9 number that specifies cycle periods of Sirius-A and Sirius-B! The star Sirius was also mentioned in the Zend Avesta. The Sirius that was mentioned in many holy texts has become the holiest star for many civilizations on the earth. More than 50 thousand names were given to it within the work of arts where it had been mentioned. The Arabic name SIRA means “Sign Guide”; the Sanskrit name is: MRGAVYADHA and it means “DEER HUNTER”. Additionally it represents “Wind, Storm and Game God” of Shiva RUDRA.

When we consider current usage of Sirius name in our era, the dairy that was published by students of Macquarie University is Sirius. Since 18th Century 7 war ships of the Royal Navy of United Kingdom were named as HMS Sirius. J.K. Rowling author of Harry Potter also used Sirius as the godfather’s name of Harry in the serial of Harry Potter.

If it is required to give some samples astrologically; Sun and Sirius conjunction at 14 degree Cancer has connection with the Independence Day of US 04-07 July and combinations of Sirius and Sun.

“Disciple complains to his master “you are telling stories but not clarifying their meanings”. Master answers “If someone treats you a fruit by chewing, would you be enjoyed?”

Paul Brunton

We wish you all the energy of this holy star increase awareness of each of us; arouse our SOUL that was examined through what we did and what we will do and used by us with our free will with its most high situation and made it tired for situations of the world by us; provide us numerous blessing in order to give thanks to recognize them and provide us loving of all humans with the awareness of that we are a part of all universe and Microcosmos in Macrocosmos and without making any discrimination and regardless their religion, ethnicity, language. We should say first human and know to love and move by knowing our humanity does not have any meaning otherwise. Unity reflects from hearts. Let the skies be our guide and fiat lux.

All UNIVERSES were connected to EACH OTHER through LOVE, LOOK TO THE WORLD from the point of view that nobody looked.

Mevlana His Holiness

Learn apparent law and go towards law of esoteric afterwards.

Apparent science is the light of visible part, while esoteric science is the part of invisible part.

Esoteric knowledge is the light between you and your Lord. Abdülkadir Geylâni

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