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Human Desire to Know About Future is a Weakness

There is no scientific evidence available that external planets can make changes to lives of human on earth. However some people follow it. Mostly stars are followed by travelers and ships for directions. Let’s get to know a talented and well-versed astrology expert Senay Devi. She can read into the stars, so here are my questions to her for the readers of The London Post.

1) Can you tell us when you first started to get interested in astrology?

I have been fascinated with skies as long as I’ve known myself. Astrology has also become a part of my life with the ancestral knowledge that’s been passed on and I will continue my journey under the guidance of the skies till I breathe my last. As long as my creator allows me to. The lack of a higher education institute in astrology in Turkey led me to seek one abroad. After getting my degree from Kepler College and Dirah Academy, I started holding office as the Head of Studies in Turkish at Kepler College. My aim is to contribute to an understanding that astrology is not limited to the its take in popular culture, that in this celestial system there aren’t just 12 zodiac signs and 12 type of personalities! This is a magnificent system that puts forth not what you’d like to hear but the truth itself, and I want to contribute to make it known that it is a guide to interpret the spiritual plan God Almighty has set for us. Starting with the old Turks, having had its golden age during the Ottoman era, Astrology has slipped through the cracks when Ottoman rule came to end in this geographical area. With uneducated people making it to the headlines, this profound ancient lore older than the written history of mankind was exploited under the name of astrology. Unfortunately, when I first started to provide services as a professional consultant of astrology after getting my degree from a reputable school of astrology, albeit it being considered a science all around the world, I had to deal with a lot of criticism due to the prejudices ingrained as a result of these wrongdoings. It took me a while to separate the wheat from the chaff and get people to understand that it has nothing to do with fortune telling and psychic abilities, that it is a social SCIENCE which employs a physical science, astronomy. I did not mind it much and let it to rest, you cannot walk before you crawl and run before you walk. I never did and will never give up. I experience the bliss that comes with the success of developing in such a way that enables me to provide the right information to people by getting more enlightened with the light of information each and every day, within my soul, in my element and profession. After getting my doctorate on Vedic Philosophy I continued to serve as the first Turkish faculty member of Kepler College, one of the best astrology schools the center of which is located in the U.S.A. In the near future, we will continue to teach and learn, and provide Astrology education with esteemed, world renowned astrologers, all experts in their fields under roof of The Great International School of Astrology.

2) Do you think that astrology is something that you can study and learn or is it a God given talent? Could you give us some information on your astrological academic studies?

You’ve got to have the knack. But I do not believe that one can become an astrologer without academic license. You need to get the education. Can one become a doctor without going to Medicine School? If so, that would imply that one can just interpret charts on their own at home and become an astrologer, which is not possible. Like Medicine, Astrology is divided into various areas of expertise. You can get an academic formation as a specialist in all fields like Classical Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Jaimini and Medical Astrology, you can also get your degree in all of them. In our day, one can generate birth charts over the internet. It is not the setting up of a chart that’s important but to be able to analyze it and guide your counselee. The native charts that are generated through the computer software and over the internet hold a limited number of fundamental celestial themes. You will not be able to go any further than an augur’s readings with the studies and research you make at home and they will never be provided you with true assessments.

3) What made you think to choose Astrology as a career path?

Throughout history, in many areas of life, particularly when it comes to dates (day, week, month, year) and seasons, the sky has always guided people. That is how astrology came forth in our history, even the history of humanity. To give an example, if drought was experienced when the X celestial body has formed Z angle to Y country, and drought was experienced once again when the same planet formed the same angle not to the same country but a different one, then people considered this to be a rule and started to organize their life accordingly. And that’s how Astrology was born.

We, of course do not have the chance to say “Let’s place this celestial object to make this angle to a country (location) of the world, and let’s see what will happen? And now let’s go to another time and place this celestial body to make the same angle to another country (location) of the world and see if history will be repeating itself?” in a laboratorial environment. However, if we look at what is being experienced in the history of humanity, similarities such as these (law of similarity), it would be doing great injustice to Astrology as a social science, turning a blind eye on the people, be they referred to as, depending on the era they lived in, soothsayer, astrologer etc., who interpreted such eventualities and practiced this lore. Being an astrologer is a very trying test both corporeally and incorporeally. An astrologer needs to be well-versed in many fields such as mathematics, physics, astronomy and history. Wasn’t that the case in times of old? Wasn’t the astrologers cited in the pages of history learned scientists and scholars? That is why becoming an astrologer is trying corporeally. It requires education. Studying. Tenacity. It requires so much more.

But when those exploiting astrology outnumber the astrologers, and as a consequence astrology, as a lore, incurs a wound and is placed in a lowly place in the eyes of the people; when it becomes a subject to ridicule, mockery and hate, being an astrologer becomes all the more trying incorporeally. Particularly when some scientists who not having read history and not being aware that they do not know anything about what astrology truly is, claim that they do not consider Astrology to be a science judging by the doings of those who exploit astrology and criticize it, it’s then that…

While systems like Chinese astrology, Classical astrology, Vedic astrology have professorships in reputable higher education institutes all around the world, if the nomadic Turks that have spread throughout the whole wild world, ruled three continents, gathered all the systems under their rule and created the perfect system, cannot lay claim to this heritage and fail to establish, let alone a higher institute of astrology, but not even a vocational school or high school of astrology then, of course, that unique astrological system gets sunk to oblivion in world history. Then someone among the crowd would come and say, “I do not believe in astrology.” Sorry but is it because astrology is a belief system that you don’t believe in it?

I wish in my heart of hearts that Ulugh Beg, El Harezmi, Omar Khayyam, Ali Kuşçu, Ahmet Dede Gıyaseddin Cemşid El Sufi and the name of those scholars, each who have made a name for themselves and had a say in Astronomy and Astrology albeit having expertise in different fields, the research and manuscripts of whom have been preserved and kept safe in the libraries around the world and are being studied by researchers, should not be DISREGARDED; let the right be told from wrong and the necessary reaction be given to those who exploit Astrology according to the popular take on it to abuse the belief and weaknesses of the people and let the truth come to light.

To sum up:

Fundamentally, Astrology is a guide that shows us the way to interpreting the life plan God Almighty has designated for us. It gives out warnings based on the law of similarity through the calculations of the astronomical data of the native’s birth chart. To give you an example, employed to determine the weather conditions METEOROLOGY, gives out a warning that it will be rainy based on its database and calculations, you may get out with an umbrella not get wet. Or else you may take your umbrella with you and suffer the consequences.’ Choices always depend on the free will of the individual.

Conscientious of that fact, I preferred to become an astrologer and act as a guide of the skies.

4) Can we say that you read into the stars? Does your predicaments always come out right? What kinds of information would you like to give people for each zodiac sign?

Planets are always in motion. If you think about it, even the MOON changes signs every 2.5 days and the Moon is interrelated to everything that grows and develops. It immensely influences women, our emotions and our subconscious in particular. The transit of the other planets vary in degrees within the day. According to Classical Astrology, TROPICAL ZODIAC is Sun based. CHINESE ASTROLOGY is MOON based. It predicates on the calendar of Antiquity. And each sign covers a whole year. VEDIC ASTROLOGY employs the SIDERAL Zodiac and all systems guide us to know ourselves under celestial counseling, each with various different techniques within them, and to determine our priorities on matters that are called for leading our lives in the right way.

I make predicaments based on the astrological techniques of Classical, Chinese and Vedic astrology all together to follow up the transit of the planets day by day, the daily planetary energies of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd decans of the 12 zodiac signs, that is to say the first, second and third 10 days of a zodiac sign. Since most people do not have the chance to get individual consultancy, even someone who does not have any information of astrology whatsoever can make use of the guidance of astrology according to his/her SUN sign with these interpretations. The identities of people, their characters, whether they are alcoholics, murderers, artists, scientists, politicians, legislators, doctors, astrologers, whether their visual intelligence or numerical intelligence is more strong, are they an orator or a thief, do they have suicidal tendencies, are they gay… ALL OF THESE ARE HIDDEN IN THEIR NATAL CHARTS. You can increase your quality of life by making the right choices on your life path by discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your natal chart.

5) What’s the most difficult part of your job?

Can you tell us an unforgettable moment in your career?

When I’m construing the native charts of my loved ones and to duly guide them, I sometimes find it difficult not to have my feelings meddle with my professionalism. But I know that THE SKIES NEVER LIE.

As for the unforgettable moment, the TV program I went on in 2010 with my godfather fashion designer Cemil İpekçi when I first started providing astrological consultancy as a professional, what I experienced afterwards, the positive feedback I got has led me to feel that I conduced to taking Astrology to a different level in Turkey, it is an unforgettable moment for me.

6) Which zodiac sign do you like the best and why? And could you also tell us about the Zodiac sign Libra? I am a Libra, honest to goodness…..

I’m a TAURUS. I love and respect people who come to grasp the energy of their natal charts correctly and keep the purity in their hearts and chose to be themselves by the same token, those who feed their hearts with love. Let’s come to the sign of Libra adding to the beauty of the world ruled by Venus. They are positive people who love life and add beauty to life. Their efficacious voice tones instill peace and trust in people they encounter. They don’t find communicating with people difficult, their humanitarian and equitable nature have them establish strong friendships. They are foul-weather friends, even in the most trying of times they act out of sagacity and are solution oriented. They are people who draw attention with their jovial personality, give great importance to friendships, stand beside their friends for the good and the worst, value and exalt love, and live with their emotions… The most important trait they need to develop is sorting out the dilemma in having to make a decision. Due to that, they may not be able to make good use of the chances they get. They do not shy away from provide whatever they have both materially and immaterially but individually, they find it quite difficult to exert the same wisdom to resolve their own problems. To provide you with an interpretation for this month


Libra natives Sun Sign, Ascendant and Moon Sign,


You will encounter better energies in terms of health and stamina. These energies will have you feeling more stabilized and young. Meditation and spiritually oriented thinking will be motivating you. You will have a positive outlook on life and your immune system will be stronger this month. The feeling of tranquility leads both your heart and mind. Be mindful of ear infections this month. On the days when the Moon is in your opposite sign, refrain from making new starts and taking hasty decisions.

Love / Marriage / Personal Relationships

Saturn transiting your 2nd House will give you an amazing energy and stamina. Children will be a source of happiness with their success. Throughout this month your child’s or children’s health will be good. Your siblings might go abroad and it’s possible for you to get a lucky strike and yield profits with Rahu transiting your 10th House. During this time a promotion at work can greatly benefit you. Jupiter transiting your 12th House will bring positive impact in spirituality. Your family’s happiness continues but you may not be able to spend much time with them because you are busy working. The transits of the Sun and Mercury in your 11th House, can bring unexpected gains through stock exchange or lottery. With the effect of Venus and Mars you would also be yielding gains in your business endeavors. Dispute on land and automobile can result to your advantage. A smart investment plan, might be profitable for you in equity share and commerce. You will use your chance to make money from business opportunities abroad. This is also a highly auspicious time for imports and exports. For those interested in beauty and cosmetics, art, literature and theatre this month commands lucrative and prolific energies in these regards. You can easily get bank loans this month. Those Libras in jobs related to publishing and press, writing, acting, movies, automobiles, hotels, tours and trips, food stuff, agriculture, banking, accounts, electronic devices can be considered lucky. In your private life, your relationships with the opposite sex will become better. You are facing energies which will see you completing one another with the person you love. This month married couples can feel pampered with love by their spouses.

A Full Moon will occur on September 6, 2017 at 10:03 in Pisces.

Go with the flow of the energy of transformation that the Full Moon in Pisces brings and don’t spare your horses to make use of new offers. In your love life, your current affair which has become morbid, and is alienating you to yourself, turning your hopes into disillusionment can end on the will of the opposite party. This ending will get you and the right person drawn together.

A New Moon will occur on September 20, 2017 at 08:30 in Virgo.

With the New Moon to occur in your sign, the promises given in business and financial matters may not be kept and you may experience tensions for the short term. This is temporary, do not be insistent, keep with the flow. On the upcoming days everything will turn all right out of their own accord. In your private life, you may experience the happiness of having crowned love with love with your spouse or lover. Single Libras, you can experience positive developments in your love life and step into long lasting relationships.

September according to Vedic Astrology

The celestial message of the skies for you this month is PROFESSIONALISM. As long as you can take clear and effective decisions at work and your personal life, and implement them, you will be able to restructure your world successfully and enjoy the stability you have built through exertion. You are facing a new project and the chance to land in a position of authority. After September 12, 2017 efforts promise stability for respect, love and marriage. September 2017 you can yield satisfactory income. You may experience cancellations and delays in travelling.

Auspicious days in SEPTEMBER: 6, 15, 24

Thank you

Edited by Dr Shahid Qureshi – Chief Editor

Kaynak: The London Post

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