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Astrology is Science

Based on misconceptions, the uninformed, and shallow speculations that are far from reflecting reality, made on a system that has been accepted as a SCIENCE, is doing a huge injustice to a system that has gained recognition worldwide. For example, someone who screams and shouts, letting loose a stream of insults in order to be PROVED RIGHT can draw attention to himself but this NEVER means that this person is RIGHT. Someone comes to the forefront and causes a clamor, turning all eyes and ears to himself but this does not change the fact that Astrology is SCIENCE!

The basis of astrology, actually, dates back to the written history of mankind. Babylon is an empire that has been constructed in 1894 B.C., which contained within itself the Sumerian and Akkadian lands. The center of Babylon was located on the El Hilla town of today’s Iraq. Astrology was developed in BABYLON and spread to the whole world from there onwards. There are many symbols and practices that have come to this day. Babylon was highly advanced in science and astrology. When Chaldea had fallen, the scholars had scattered to different places, some of them had gone to Egypt and others to India. Antique Egyptians had learned Astrology from Babylonians. In India, sidereal science had been accepted from the first moment onwards, and in depth, and successful studies had been made. By making use of astrology, they had guided humanity in many aspects ranging from politics, to natural disasters like draughts and earthquakes. This current that had started out from Mesopotamia, had later influenced the Greek, Roman and Chinese Empires and been indigenized by Europe. Many a king had commissioned Astrologers in their courts and have resorted to their prognosis. They had referred to their guidance both for government politics and their own decisions. Today, the foremost government and world leaders, and stars also come to realize their own life plans under the guidance of astrology, and deploy Astrology, professionally, as a part of their everyday living. While Astrology, increases in importance in the whole wide world through guiding humanity based on the services provided for governments and people alike, Astrologers and Astrologer Laurates one more meritorious than the other like Takiyüddin Rasid, Astrologer Laurate Ahmed Tahir Efendi, Magister Osman Kamil, Gıyaseddin Cemşid, Ali Kuşcu, Seydi İbrahim, Magister Hüseyin Hilmi, Master Mustafa Asım, Bibi Müneccim, has gone down in world astrology history and continue to give direction to astrology with their astrological masterpieces and praxis. Besides, the first official school of astrology had been founded, again in the Ottoman Era by Magister Hüseyin Hüsni under the name ‘Mekteb-i Fenni İlmi Nucm’ and had served under his accountability until he died, and later after his passing away it was governed by Master Sadullah. Even though, we are descendants of such a vast astrological culture, the lack of astrology schools in our country, along with the lack of satisfactory and hearty resources, or rather, resting of such an accumulation of knowledge pertaining to a system, which had once been held in high esteem during the Ottoman Era, and is now, today employed by the whole world, on dusty shelves, hinders many an astrology enthusiasts from making use of the said and leads to astrology being regarded as a belief system even though it has no relation with one whatsoever. Making use of the physical science Astronomy, Astrology is a branch of social ‘SCIENCES’, with graduate and post graduate degree education being provided in the prestigious countries’ universities ranging from India to United Kingdom and to the United States of America. Having adopted many of the institutions and practices of the former Ottoman Empire, the U.S.A. is also employing astrology as the President’s Counselor. Astrology did not came about only for the happiness of human beings. ASTROLOGY is not a repercussion of POPULAR CULTURE. During the Antique Horary (Celestial Time Astrology) Era, it was most commonly used for the welfare of the states.  Those who claim that there are no Astrology Colleges, and those who would like to get an education in the field of Astrology can join in the inimitable journey with the distance learning course in Turkish provided by KEPLER located in the U.S.A., where I’m coaching as the Department Head of the Astrology Studies in Turkish.

Constitutively, Astrology is an instructive guide that interprets our life plan designed for us by the God Almighty. It gives out warnings based on the law of similarity depending on the astrological calculations made in accordance with the astronomy data of a natives’ natal chart. For example, within the context of its own system METEOROLOGY, which is employed to determine the weather forecast, can give out warnings that it will be a rainy day; paying heed to this warning call, one can take an umbrella with them and not get wet. One may not take this warning into regard and get wet. Choices are always personal.

We should not be mixing up astrology with fortunetelling, and mistaking the Astrologers for fortunetellers.

I respect lore and science until otherwise proved.

For the same lore that claimed that the Earth was a tray that stood on top of an ox’s horns, and earthquakes happened whenever the ox moved, today says that the same discourse is fallacy. But in those olden days, those who advocated the lore you are defending now was thrown into the fire to be burned alive. SCIENCE but even in those days, with the angle gauge tool used by navigators named astrolabe, the angles of the visible planets were calculated and what effects that angle position had on human beings was observed. You see, going as far back as 6500 years these chronicles are the core of astrology.

As you know the saying goes, ‘There’s no shame in not knowing, but there’s shame in not learning’. In our country, it is not only that Astrology is not known but it is commonly misknown. It is great injustice to criticize astrology based on prevalent fallacy.

If the fortunetellers, magicians, psychics, and exorcists that are afraid of the changes that can be made to the Law on Islamic Monasteries and Dervish Lodges as brought up to the agenda by the current rulership start bestowing upon themselves the title of Astrologer, the common fallacy will of course be the misperception of astrology as fortune telling.

If those referred to above who claim to be an astrologer, start writing up columns titled daily horoscopes in the media, under astrology columns, it is quite natural for the public to have a common misunderstanding of the concept.

Here let me give you an example: Tarot is a type of fortunetelling done through shuffling and dealing a deck of cards. Each and every time, the cards are laid out on a table, by way of coincidence a different array shows up in accordance with the various possibilities. There is no room for chance in science. Tarot is not astrology. It is fortune telling.

However the angles the planets at the coordinates of a native time of birth will be the same regardless of how many times the natives’ natal chart, we call a horoscope, will be drawn. It does not change. There is no room for coincidence. How many killers there may be on the face of earth, the same angle pattern exists in their natal charts. This cannot be a coincidence. For 6500 years, the corresponding phenomenon, which was given the name of law of similarity by Carl Gustav Jung were chronicled to form the core data of the science of astrology. Not to mention the fact that, Astrology in itself has areas of expertise.





Please see that, on the U.S.A. banknotes there is an inscription that reads "In God We Trust". Think of what might come about if inspired by this wording, which means ‘We believe in God’, the inscription ‘Hakimiyet Allahındır’ (The Sole Sovereign is God) is printed on the Republic of Turkey banknotes.  But in the U.S.A. the President can thank his astrologer for the contribution he has made to his election campaign in a press conference. None find it odd. Just think of what would happen if the same thing occurred in our country. This is the reality of astrology. Unfortunately, because of the uneducated so-called Astrologers, astrology is regarded as fortune telling in our country. The number of educated, certified Astrologers who can become a member of international astrology associations and get an ID, can count something on the fingers of one hand in our country. This in turn, leads to the promotion of astrology in a highly wrong fashion and results in astrology being put in the same equation with fortune telling. The self-asserting outbursts opposing astrology made by those who are not astrologers, who did not make enough research to gather sufficient information, who consider Turkey to consist of only Istanbul, having no idea whatsoever about the astrology universities in the world’s most developed countries, lacking an understanding of Astrology, just to draw attention to themselves to say, that they have rediscovered the American continent, will not go further than confusing people’s minds. KEPLER, who is referred to as the father of Modern Astronomy or the founder of contemporary astronomy was born in Germany in 1571. He is the inventor of 3 laws in the field of Astronomy. Kepler, is also a Physician. He is a mathematician and an Astrologer at that. For this reason, his name is not only given to Astronomy foundations and associations but to various institutes and organizations among which the foremost are educational institutes. Having its center in Austria, Kepler College is an important scientific center that operates prominently in the U.S.A. but also in various other countries.  At it again, located in the U.S.A., Kepler College is an institution that provides astrology education. To sum up, KEPLER who is referred to as the father of Modern Astronomy or the founder of contemporary astronomy, is an Astrologer. However, sometimes people come to the fore, and give adversary statements about astrology opposing the father of astronomy. These statements are equivalent to disavowing the laws of Kepler. Attorneys do not make statements about medicine, and Medical Doctors do not make statements on jurisprudence. The people will not be esteeming those who, oblivious to the existence of astrology universities and colleges, are attempting to go further outside of their own professional areas to give statements wearing blinkers, bating, trying to put across their own ideas in the center of the world.

May the heavens be your guide, and may your way be that of light.
Astrologer Dr. Şenay Devi

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