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Astrology is Not Fortune Telling, It is A Science

A person’s identity… whether he is an alcoholic, a murderer, an artist, a scientist, a politician, a lawyer, a physician, an astrologer, whether his intelligence is visually or numerical based, whether he is a man of faith or a thief, whether he is suicidal or a homosexual is REVEALED IN HIS NATAL (BIRTH) CHART.

We should never confuse astrology with fortunetelling or an astrologer with a fortuneteller, as frequently occurs in Turkey. What is accepted as science gains my respect until it is proven. It was once accepted as scientific fact that the world is a flat tray carried by the horns of bull, causing earthquakes when it moves. Now science scoffs at that. Strangely enough in such times people who defended scientific notions we now belief were burnt alive.

However, even in such periods astrolabes were used to determine the angles of the planets that can be seen with the naked eye. The effect of these angles on humans was then investigated.  Such data accumulated over a period of 6500 years forms the basis of astrology. It is said that “ignorance is not a shame, but the refusal to learn is.”In our country, ignorance of astrology is an overstatement. It is rather a question of misapprehension. Criticism of astrology based on wrong assumptions does injustice to it.

Tarot Reading is not Astrology, it is Fortunetelling

Fortunetellers, magicians, mediums and genie evoking sorcerers have taken the guise of astrologer to evade the law against superstitious practices that came into force during the establishment of the Turkish Republic. The annulment of this law is now proposed by the present regime at the House of Representatives. As a result this has promoted the notion that astrology is fortune telling. If those who claim the title of astrologer proceed to write under columns in newspapers under the title “Star Fortunetelling” then it is only natural that false notions are pervasively accepted by the public. Let me give an example. Tarot reading is a form of fortunetelling where the cards are randomly shuffled and then spread out. Different combinations are obtained each time a reading is made by coincidence. In science there is no room for coincidence. Tarot reading is fortunetelling not astrology.

On the other hand, when an astrological natal chart is prepared according to birth place coordinates of a person and the angles of the planets at the time of his birth, it will be the same no matter how many times it is drawn. This is what we call the horoscope, and it will not change, in other words, it does not depend on coincidence.  Every murderer in the world will have the same angles and planetary energies on his horoscope. This cannot be coincidental. For the past 6500 years, what Carl Gustav Jung called “The Law of Synchronicity”, which is the common relationship between different events, was carefully recorded and examined to confirm the principles of astrology. A sky chart is astronomical. The fact that all homosexuals have common planetary angles in their birth charts with other homosexuals, and all murders have common planetary angles with other murderers is astrology. Because it has no room for coincidence, we should accept astrology as a science in our country. If someone calls himself or herself an astrologer, ask for their diplomas.  For many years, I have been struggling for this in this country.  Just as there is a difference between a village bonesetter and orthopedic surgeon, a fine line should be drawn between a fortuneteller and an astrologer. Astrological education is an accepted field in universities in such countries as England and USA. This science that I speak of is appraised in academic circles throughout the world.

Homosexuality Is By Birth and Not Voluntary

Homosexuality is not a matter of choice. Even if some psychologists disagree, it is generally accepted that homosexuality is the result of certain secretions from the cerebellum. During the first two months of its development the fetus in the mother’s womb is always female. If the secretions from the cerebellum remain female after the two months period even though the fetus develops into a male, then homosexuality occurs. This is how it is defined in medical terms. Now let us come to its astrological explanation, as I have always pointed out, eclipses that occur while the fetus is in the womb and astrological configuration at the time of conception are significant factors here.  Let us not forget that astrology is the indicator of the spiritual and physical path that God has set up for us.

The Analysis of Homosexuality in Astrology

If Venus, the “Ruler of Romantic Relationships” and Jupiter, are in conjunction with the sun in the natal chart, while Mars (“The Ruler of Passion”) has an aspect with them, then the male will be drawn to his own sex.  If Mars and Venus are in masculine signs such as “Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius” this may result in lesbian tendencies in women. Castner, a renowned astrologer, claimed that Uranus and Neptune play key roles in homosexuality. A chart holder affected with a Uranus aspect with a hard Venus aspect will have homosexual tendencies. According to research we have conducted on thousands of charts, retrograde (R) Mars and Venus play an important role. If a retrograde Mars in the 7th or 8th house, has a hard aspect with Venus positioned in a sexual sign such as Scorpio, the person will either have unconventional sexual tendencies or be drawn to the same sex.

Homosexuality in the History of Astrology

Ptolemy, who is considered to be the father of Western Astrology, studied the cause of homosexuality and wrote about his conclusions in his classic work “Tetrabiblos.” If Venus, the “Ruler of Romantic Relationships” and Jupiter, are in conjunction with the sun in the natal chart of a male, and there is an aspect with Mars, the ruler of passion, then he will be drawn to his own sex. If Mars and Venus are in masculine signs such as “Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius” in the natal chart of a woman, she will be a lesbian. Aspects of Mars and Saturn with a retrograde Venus are also clear indications. Ptolemy also pointed out the relationships between Mercury and Venus signifying an attraction to young men. The word hermaphrodite if formed from a union of the god Hermes (Mercury) and the goddess Aphrodite (Venus) and indicates a being with both a male and female properties. In reality both male and female natures resides in all humans. Vedic astrology has also analized homosexuality. “Navamsa” (Marriage and Planetary Potencies Charts) are used in this analysis.

Rock Hudson’s Natal Chart

Rock Hudson’s Vedic Analysis

Jodie Foster’s Natal Chart

Jodie Foster’s Vedic Analysis

Sir Ian McKellen’s Natal Chart

Sir Ian McKellen’s Vedic Analysis

Alcoholism in Astrology

Alcoholism is primarily a drug addiction that has to do with the tendency to escape reality connected to Neptune and the sign it rules, Pisces.  If Neptune has a dominant position in the natal chart, it will increase a predisposition to music and mysticism. If it has a malefic alignment then it will result in an imaginative nature that is easily given to delusion, with a tendency to escape the harsh realities of life.  In the natal charts of alcoholics the sun and moon are usually placed in week signs and malefic houses or the there are malefic aspects. They are especially affected by water or/and fire signs.

Fire signs give a nature fond of revelry and partying and are inclined towards ecstatic intoxication. Water signs are inclined towards depression and indicate week willed intoxication. Other than these, if the fifth house (life and entertainment house) is affected by Neptune or any of the planets that rule water signs such as Mars, then it will result in alcoholism. One must not fail to take into account the effect of Uranus in this matter.

The Fixed Stars

Murderers, Thieves, Swindlers and Lucky People

If a fixed star has a conjunction with a planet in a natal chart, there will be lifelong complicated influences acting through the planet. Similar effects will be seen on the planets position on the horary chart. The effects of the fixed stars are evaluated according to whether they are primary or secondary stars. The application orb is determined according to the grade of the star. For example, for a star of zero magnitude a maximum orb of 1.5 degrees is applicable, for a star with a magnitude of 6, an orb of 5 degrees is applicable.  For Sirius, one of the brightest stars in sky, an orb of 2 degrees is applied. The declination of fixed stars is approximately 5 to 15 minutes.

Charles Manson’s Natal Chart

Charles Manson’s Vedic Analysis

Ted Bundy’s Natal Chart

Ted Bundy’s Vedic Analysis

John Dillinger’s Natal Chart

John Dillinger’s Vedic Analysis

According to information coming to us since Ptolemy, certain stars have special significance.  If a fixed star has conjunction with a planet with similar attributes then the planet will predominate. A person cannot become a MURDERER, THIEF or SWINDLER through the malefic effects of a fixed star alone. Other factors on the natal chart most support it. Massing up of planets on the sixth and eighth houses should be taken into consideration for MURDERERS and SERIAL KILLERS.

Fixed Stars and Their Attributes

ALGENIP: Position “9º Aries;

Keys: Ambition, sense of purpose, pride, intuition, drive and motivation, bad judgment; Characteristic: Mars, Mercury;

Effect: Unfavorable

ALPHERATZ (14º Aries):

Keys: Grace, thoughtfulness, empathy, freedom, honor

Characteristic: Venus

Effect: Lucky, Auspicious

CAPUT ALGOL (29° Taurus):

Keys: Accidents to the throat and neck, violence and oppression, wickedness, accidents and blindness

Characteristic: Saturn, Jupiter

Effect: Unfavorable

ALCYONE (0° Gemini):

Keys: Ambition, fame and honor, problems with the opposite sex

Characteristic: Moon, Jupiter

Effect: Neutral

HYADES (5° Gemini):

Keys: Scandal, vengeance, disgrace, arrest

Characteristic: Saturn, Mercury

Effect: Unfavorable

RIGEL (16° Gemini):

Keys: Invention, practical abilities and artistic talent, good nature , wealth, happiness

Characteristic:  Jupiter, Mars

Effect: Auspicious

BELLATRIX (21° Gemini):

Keys: Accidents, sudden disgrace, talkativeness

Characteristic:  Mars, Mercury

Effect: Unfavorable

ALNILAM (23° Gemini):

Keys: Short term fame, quick temper, scandal,

Characteristic: Jupiter, Saturn

Effect: Lucky

AL HECKA (24° Gemini):

Keys: Fame and honor, wealth and possessions, pride, aggressiveness.

Characteristic: Mars

Effect: Lucky

BETELGEUSE (28° Gemini):

Keys: Right shoulder, dangers, animosity and vengeance

Characteristic: Mars, Mercury

Effect: Misfortune

SIRIUS (14° Cancer):

Keys: Ambition, pride, thoughtlessness, wealth and fame

Characteristic: Jupiter, Mars

Effect: Fortunate

CANOPUS (14° Cancer):

Keys: Travel, religiousness, scandal, violence,

Characteristic: Saturn, Jupiter

Effect: Unfavorable

CASTOR (20° Cancer):

Keys: Sudden fame or loss, elite status

Characteristic: Mars, Venus

Effect: Unfavorable

POLLUX (23° Cancer):

Keys: Speculation, absent mindedness, daringness, astrology, death, disaster

Characteristic: Mars, Moon

Effect: Unfavorable

PROCYON (25° Cancer):

Keys: Sudden success, superstition, politics, waste and extravagance

Characteristic: Mars, Mercury

Effect: Unfavorable


Keys: Introversion, reclusiveness, blindness, murder, tragedy, fire,

Characteristic: Mars, Moon

Effect: Unfavorable


Keys: Militarism, eye problems, sea accidents

Characteristic: Sun, Mars

Effect: Neutral

ALPHARD (27° Leo):

Keys: Death by drowning or strangulation, legal issues, romantic adventures, narcotics,

Characteristic:  Saturn, Venus

Effect: Unfavorable

REGULUS (29° Leo):

Keys: Nobility and elite status, ambition and desire, great strength and power, status and leadership, accidents and violence

Characteristic: Mars, Jupiter

Effect: Favorable

DENEBOLA: (21° Virgo):

Keys: Criticism, perseverance and resolution, lack of imagination, honor, unwanted friends, mental illnesses, disease

Characteristic: Venus

Effect: Neutral

SEGİNUS (17° Libra)

Keys:  Business and commerce, astrology, law, losses due to friendships, lack of shame, trickery

Characteristic: Saturn, Venus

Effect: Favorable

SPİCA (23° Libra):

Keys: wealth and possession, fame, honor and reputation, charisma,

Characteristic: Venus, Mars

Effect: Favorable

ARCTURUS (24° Libra):

Keys: Intuition, fame, honor, travel, riches gained, success in business

Characteristic: Jupiter, Mars

Effect: Very Fortunate

ALPHECCA (12° Scorpio):

Keys: reputation and fame, elite status, literature, brilliance, poetic ability, scandals, betrayal in love, sadness due to children

Characteristic: Venus, Mercury

Effect: Favorable

UNUKALHAİ (22° Scorpio):

Keys: Success after adversity, suicide, rage, accidents, military success, politics, literary ability, problems in romantic relationships,

Characteristic: Saturn, Mars

Effect: Unfavorable

ANTARES (9° Sagittarius):

Keys: Spirit of adventure, stubbornness, accidents to the eyes, sudden losses, suspicion, oppression, marriage

Characteristic: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury

Effect: Favorable

RASTABAN (11° Sagittarius):

Keys: Lack of patience, reputation, astrological ability, leadership, writing ability, sports, artistic talent, accidents, wounds, blindness, tendency towards crime

Characteristic: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars,

Effect: Unfavorable

VEGA (15° Capricorn):

Keys: Political success, artistic talent, short term fame, holding two jobs, good manners, pragmatism

Characteristic: Venus, Mercury

Effect: Favorable

DENEB (19° Capricorn):

Keys: Combat arts, administrative ability, freedom, helpfulness,


Effect: Very Fortunate

ALTAİR (11° Aquarius):

Keys: Sudden but short term success, lack of patience, braveness, accidents, astrology, writing ability, intelligence, business acumen, discrimination, militarism

Characteristic: Saturn, Venus

Effect: Favorable

SADALSUUD (23° Aquarius);

Keys: Astrology, occultism, administration, business ability, psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

Characteristic: Saturn, Mercury

Effect: Favorable

FOMALHAUT (3° Pisces):

Keys: Magic, fame, occultism, success, independence, unwanted friendships

Characteristic: Venus, Mercury, Neptune

Effect: Neutral

MARKAB (23° Pisces):

Keys: Oppression and violence, honor and wealth, star of sorrows,  literary ability, legal issues, accidents.

Characteristic: Mars, Mercury

Effect: Unfavorable

SCHEAT (29° Pisces):

Keys: Detention, murder, suicide, strangulation, great misfortune.

Characteristic: Mars, Mercury

Effect: Unfavorable


Dr. Gary Gomes

Ptolemy / Tetrabiblos

Yücel Sügen Senay Devi

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