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Astrological Effects on The World in 2024

This year shows change coming on 2024. We will see changes in government internationally and even invasions of other countries. Also, because of Ketu’s placement in Virgo -an earth sign-the chances for economic disruption and earth events (earthquakes) increase quite a bit. There will be increased nationalism, especially starting in May 2024. There will be increasing conservatism, especially in the Western world—this will not be a universal trend, but think of the Netherlands as canary in a coal mine. This will be an interesting year.

By the way, attempts at media control will continue unabated and there will be many fights about speech platforms.

This is the year of the dragon in Chinese astrology, so big events will occur.

By selected countries:

USA: I don’t know yet who the next President of the United States will be, but there are currently signs that inflation is slowing. But, with increased tension in the Middle East and increased threat of war in South America involving Venezuela and possibly other countries, there is no guarantee that inflation will continue to lower. As I look at a map of the world, the United States is dominated by Saturn in Aquarius (innovation but change, and a hundred solutions needed) and Rahu in Pisces (to the east of Texas) and Jupiter on the East coast. This increase the potential for dissatisfaction, change and panic and a desire to move from establishment figures. So, while the political situation in the U.S. is volatile, a change in leadership is more likely than not.

Mexico and South America: This is not to diminish these countries’ importance, They will be facing similar economic and political issues this year.

This is especially true for the following countries: Cuba, Haiti, Guyana, Ve, but nezuela, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Brazil will also be facing major economic changes, scandal, and perhaps natural event calamities and war in these countries. Economic struggles will continue for these countries and will continuing civil unrest. Economic troubles seem particularly profound for Venezuela, Brazil and Argnetina.

UK Western Europe and Africa: Increased violence and attempts at government pressure to shut this down will increase,, especially in Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Netherland, Lybia, and other Western European countries will continue to suffer from cultural clashes and government/populist conflict. Economic downturn will continue through at least May.

Turkey,Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Africa, Middle East: We can see some economic panic, some government scandal (especially Italy, Greece, Algeria and Egypt) will experience some economic disruption, and these regions should be careful of earthquakes, but there will be no major events until 2026. But I see no major event until 2026. Turkey may experience more economic growth and reduced inflation through late 2026 and some liberalization of policies through late 2025.

Ukraine/Russia was will probably end around May, with both countries in some economic shambles for a while.

Iran will be involved in conflict in the middle east, but not necessarily with Israel. The Israeli was will continue until mid-2026.

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan: Serious floodings and also a lot of positive focus on India. During the year, as India will face positive growth.

China’s economy will struggle to recover to pre-Pandemic levels, but will face increased conflict between the government and the peopk. Prepare for more landgrabs from China though and even economic conflicts with its neighbors.

Japan will show economic growth and Australia and New Zealand will show more government control and political scandal.

A more detailed reading will come January 15 and April 15, 2024.

Gary Gomes

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