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The International University of Spiritual Astrology

The International University of Spiritual Astrology will be a unique kind of astrological education. Founded by Gary Gomes, an ordained Swami and Senay Devi Yangel, nationally known in Turkey and around the world , the school will teach the best in Vedic and Western Astrology techniques. Although astrology is the foundation of the school, we plan to expand into instruction in astrological remedies and other spiritual disciplines for those interested, including training in Indian pujad and Ottoman remedies and related areas. A superior, disciplined astrological study is our foundation and focus. Classes will initially be taught in Turkish, English and Spanish, but we hope to expand to Portuguese and Romanian. We will be adding talented teachers/practioners/scholars from everywhere! Your journey to the spiritual stars and real predictive knowledge is here, through study and practice with experienced, formally educated teachers. Look to the heavens for your destiny…

Dr.Gary Gomes


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