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Use of Chara Karakas in Jaimini Astrology


Astrology is an interpretive tradition. Although many look to the classical texts for guidance, the general guideline for all astrologers is that the classical texts are meant to be interpreted liberally, not literally. So, the classical texts, while providing general guidance on interpretation, are not foregone predictors of attributes. They are guides, meant to direct the astrologer to the true nature of the chart. Interpretation of the chart is the job of the astrologer—we are not meant to parrot classical texts, but as direction. This article will attempt to provide the practicing astrologer with a general guide to the astrologer for chart analysis and prediction.

Controversy about the Number of Karakas

There is a great deal of controversy, even to this date, regarding the number of Chara karakas in Jaimini Astrology—there is even some argument regarding whether Jaimini is a system of its own or merely a subset of Parasari Astrology. Neither question can be answered with any degree of certainty. Focusing on the latter issue first, I can personally say I encountered the chara Karakas so often used in Jaimini Astrology in the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, but this is no guarantee they are a subset of Parasara, as the text appears to be a compendium of techniques, but the fact that these techniques exist side by side would lead one to believe that these techniques can exist in several different configurations. For instance, during my Yogini and Vimshottri Venus dasas, and Venus is my relationship indicator, both dasas were intimately connected with forming new partnerships with people. Since Venus is in my fifth house in the navamsa chart, the relationships were strongly connected with education and learning—and they seemed to come quite easily. Likewise, Mercury dasas were intimately connected with status in life; Jupiter (as Amatya Karaka) connected with work. These karakas seem to function across all dasa systems, in addition to Jaimini, sign-based systems.

However, getting back to the controversy about the number of karakas: K.N. Rao teaches seven karakas (in most instances), Sanjay Rath eight karakas, B. Suryanarain Rao, 7 or 8, and Iranganthi Rangacharya has found references to six, seven or eight, given special conditions in the chart. My own inclination is to follow the seven karaka system, but I always experiment with eight karakas in order to double check the significations. I rarely find contradictions regardless of the system I use.

The Chart of Donald Trump

The chart of Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States, is a fascinating example of how the karakas work. Sun, Atma Karaka planet is in Taurus in the tenth house, Moon, Amatya Karaka planet is in the fourth house with Ketu, Jupiter, BhatriKaraka, indicator of father, brother, teacher and desires is in the second house in in Virgo; Mercury, indicator of mother, family and education, is in his eleventh house in Gemini;  Mars,  indicator of the fifth house of luck and children, is in his first house in Leo;  Venus, indicator of enemies and hardships, is in his twelfth house of losses; while Saturn, indicator of marriage partners, is in the twelfth house with Venus in Cancer, aspected by both the Sun and the Moon. Other significant aspects in Trump’s chart include a mutual aspect between his 11th and 2nd house, with two indicators for desire (Jupiter) and luck (Mercury) in mutual aspect with each other.

The Moon (debilitated with Ketu) and the Sun in aspect to the twelfth house and the indicators of pain /enemy) and wife cast a high level of attention on his difficult relationship life. Trump has had two divorces and his problems with women in the current presidential campaign were legendary. Part of his career life has been involved with beauty pageants, which directly involve judging women, by appearance and talent. But his relationship life has been difficult and subject to public scrutiny and scandal under the aspect of the luminaries.

His career life (judged from the Moon-Ketu conjunction) has been very public, televised (Ketu is a significator for television) and subject to public disapproval (his approval rating was one of the lowest of any elected President), which still continues as of this writing. Also, his multiple bankruptcies connected with business can be seen as the career indicator is lord of the twelfth house of loss.

His atma karaka planet Sun is in the 10th house with Rahu, forming a special kind of raja yoga when the lord of a trinal house, is a significator of power, but the legitimacy will be contested because of the conjunction of Sun and Rahu.

Mars indicator of children in his chart, is the only unafflicted planet from the Jaimini perspective, and apparently his children have had no taint associated with them.

Although a Jaimini analysis in considered incomplete without a navamsa analysis, there are powerful combinations in his chart. Saturn and Venus are Vargottma in his chart in the second house. Using a simple Nadi technique in which we take the navamsa and superimpose it over the natal chart, Trump’s Rahu and Sun are in the same sign as his Jupiter; Jupiter is in the same sign as his natal Mars (the Raj Yoga Karaka planet in his chart), and Mercury, lord of the first house in the navamsa chart, is in the ninth house in ninth house, which gives desire to rule.

Keys to Trump’s Success in the Election

When I first heard Trump was running, I felt he had little chance of victory. His background was wrong; his reputation was flawed; and he had a knack for saying the wrong things at the wrong time (Rahu passing over his second house by transit). But there was a confluence of transits that started to overcome this in January of 2016. Jupiter was in his first house, and Rahu joined in January of this year. So despite his Moon with Ketu in Scorpio, and his planet of desire and ambition, Jupiter (Trump does like to tell people they are wrong), which is nearly stationary direct, comes to his first house offering aid. It passes into the second house and the Sun-Rahu conjunction makes his desire for power and correction (Jupiter in Virgo) will not be denied. It is hard to see how he can lose, in retrospect.


Trump was concluding his Rahu dasa about a week after November 8 in Vimshottri dasa. He was in Mercury-Rahu-Rahu in Yogini dasa; using Chara dasa he is in Gemini / Cancer Mahadasa, an 11th house dasa (fulfillment of desires) and Cancer (status indicator, 4th pada), and in Narayana Libra/Pisces mahadasa. Although the last is the weakest indicator of success, it is aspected by Virgo and Trump’s stationary direct Jupiter. Eighth house dasas have a way of coming from behind and overcoming odds. This chart would not be denied success, at this particular point in time.

Gary Gomes

Dr. Gary Gomes, BA, MBA, Ed.D.

Dr. Gary Gomes has been a Vedic Astrologer since 1990. He is also an ordained Swami of the Temple of Kriya Yoga, a duly initiated Shaivite Hindu, and has served as both the Vice-President and President of the Council of Vedic Astrology, and been on the board of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. He has also taught at the American College of Vedic Astrology and Kepler College.  He has written many articles on Vedic Astrology published internationally and has appeared on both radio and television talking about Vedic Astrology, and was a featured guest on two television programs in Turkey talking about Jyotisha, and has spoken at international conferences on Vedic Astrology. Currently he is focusing a great deal of attention on his private students from several countries, and has been featured in a recent interview on the U.S. election by Saptarishi Astrology, as one of the minority of astrologers who predicted a Trump victory. He holds the title of Jyotish Kovid and Jyotisha Visharad from Council of Vedic Astrology, has a Palm Leaf of Recognition from Bharata Vidya Bhavan. He is distinguished among astrologers for his knack for explaining complicated interpretational principles in easy to understand terms. In addition to working on a book, he is in the process of gathering a group of international astrologers to teach Jyotish on a world wide level.

Gary can be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected] or at 508-525-0001 or 508-990-7898.

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