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Reverbrations of The Solar Eclipse in Pisces - FEB 26, 2017

ARIES: This week, you may be thinking of ways to improve your life more and more, and can discover opportunities to improve your existing relationships at the start of this week. The energies that will bring you face to face with current developments will give you strength. You may get excited by small things and can be admired by your circle due to the increase in your energy. From mid-week, you can get advances in financial matters and your business endeavors. You can work on long term plans to follow the right path in this regard. On Wednesday, the conjunction that your ruler Mars will be making with Pluto can lead you to contend with your competitors, and you may find out how to lay claim to your work, teaching this through firsthand experience. You may fight to keep everything under control throughout the week. In the coming days of the week, you will be focusing on what kind of a stance you should be taking in your business and financial endeavors through cooperation, and can end the week with the joy that’s brought on by having made good use of this week, through intuitive and creative energies. You should refrain from keeping what you think and feel from your partner or lover, and share both the good and the bad with them. When you do this, all the shadiness and unrest will be lifted of your shoulders, and you will be able to renew the bond of trust which will in turn lead you to experience your relationship more zestfully. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT will be effecting your 12 th House. With the energy of this eclipse, your dreams may become a reality. You should be making use of the eclipse energy in a positive way. You may overcome your spiritual and psychological problems, and find out those hidden enemies. With the energy of the eclipse, your excitability and intuition will be on the rise and you will be able to get hold of the power that will enable you to remediate your unwholesome conceptions. At the time of the eclipse, feeling the bravado of your ruling planet Mars in your heart, believing that all hardships can be overcome you should pray, meditate and leave all your resentments and anger behind you.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: Those beautiful days will not be coming to you, you have to march to them. – Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi Best days of the week for Aries: Monday and Tuesday

TAURUS: This week, in order to develop yourself more, you may focus on your business and educational endeavors, and you can gain experiences which will lead you to achievement. All that you learn this week shall make you more successful and knowledgeable. Even though your practicality and focus can unsettle many people, you will be able to reach everything you sought after and will have the advantages of finding answers to the questions, those bees in your bonnet. While discipline ensures that you have your say in all areas of life, when it comes to matters concerning your private life, if your thrust towards your beloved has waned you will be able to satisfy your curiosity with the clues you will come by, and overcome the problems that were troubling your mind regarding your relationship. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT will be effecting the 11 th House of your birth charts. You may experience bitter sweet events with your friends or those that you act in concert with. You may have new starts with new people. You may come to face an unresolved, brushed over emotional matter and you may experience the joy of transforming black to white. You may leave the chaos and complicity of your life behind, by making use of this power, this energy in a creative way. You may have to set a new radical route to your life ranging from business to education, love life to family relationships and friends. You must think over the dreams you will be having with this eclipse energy. Your dreams may guide you in many areas. Thanks to these dreams you may make headway, can set a new aim for your future, steer towards different things and wend away from the tiresome energies you have amassed in your internal world. You may pray in whichever belief system you are of, and carry out activities that will be healing your body. The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: Love and respect yourself. Try to live each day without being hurt or hurting, and at each instant, have your feet firm on the ground. From those that are thankless and who do not know their place, keep AWAY! And now think, and try to understand what I’ve written with your mind’s eye and heart, to start a new instant with a new YOU. -Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Best days of the week for Taurus: Tuesday, Wednesday

GEMINI: At the start of the week, you may focus on the people in your life and start striving to work harder and keep the promises you’ve given to others. On Monday, favorable energies shall be dominating your business and educational affairs; you may assert yourself and can experience gratifying developments as a result of the constructive outcomes of your applications. Your ruler Mercury will be forming a positive aspect with Jupiter on Tuesday: This may create new opportunities for you. In the coming days of the week, you may make an investigation in relation to an important matter and can elevate your success to a new level after finding out the source of the things that were tiring you out regarding judicial and financial matters by coming upon a very important data and taking the necessary steps to redeem the situation. By this means, you may work focusing on your aims, and can increase your financial resources through collaborations. With the powerful reverberations of your ruler Mercury, you may gravitate towards your long term plans regarding matters related to your career and life path, and you can work towards achieving a higher stance with new aims. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces of Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m.

GMT will be effecting the 10 th House in your birth chart. This eclipse hosts energies that will greatly impact your career and private life. You will be discovering characteristics that you could not recognize in yourselves leading you to come to grasps with your communication skills which you could not take on even though others have pointed them out to you, and at work your popularity shall increase in many areas in tandem with your talents. With the eclipse energy, a new cycle of professional growth will start for you. However, along with that, a labile Mars-Uranus aspects’ energy will have its impact on you along with the eclipse. Your fast-paced breakthrough may unsettle some people in your circles, and unexpected tensions may arise, you may have to deal with verbal attacks. You may encounter situations getting out of hand when the masks of those you considered to be friends fall and in turn you may cut your wisdom teeth.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry thinking that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come? – Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Gemini: Friday, Saturday

CANCER: You may start off the week by pulling lots of things together. You may start to be happy with small things at work and try to obtain more than what your existing conditions allow forging on with determination. Mid-week, you may focus on the relationships with the people you have in your life and you may strive to get closer in your relationships and strengthen your emotional bonds, trying to gain a better understanding of the root of your problems. With regards to financial and business matters, you may get big ideas in the coming days of the week, gain a positive outlook and actualize successful ventures with the

development plans you’ve laid out. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT will be effecting the 9 th House of your birth chart. With this eclipse energy, you must be ready to embrace new experiences. The eclipse energy will open new doors for you in your educational and private life. You may heal your broken and shattered heart with love. With the eclipse energy that will be impacting your 9 th house, even though they seem unattainable, you may strive to turn your dreams into reality and get opportunities to strengthen your personal visions when it comes to travels, and the ideals you’ve set before you in relation to your educational life. In your private life, the storms that are breaking within your heart indicate that you won’t be able to hide within yourselves anymore; you may take shocking decisions and decide to end a problematic relationship by taking the right steps for yourself. The energy of the eclipse shall push you to take radical decisions in many areas. You must not stop and wait, you’ve got to take immediate action on whatever you are thinking of. Remember tomorrow never comes.  Either you will have new opportunities now, feel good about your aims and work harder to get what you want or else you’ll be adding a new one to your “if only”s. The choice is yours to make. Since the eclipse will be occurring in your 9 th house, you may have to face problems or surprises regarding education and long distance travel. In your private life, LOVE will be changing concept, and it will leave aside habits and follow the real emotions.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you:

I have come to understand: That people Take those who do not say a word for a coward, Consider those who do not seem to notice stupid, and Take for granted those who know how to forgive. However, they will be in our lives as long as we want them to be.

They are honest as long as we let something pass unchallenged and human as long as we keep our mouths shut..! – Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Cancer: Sunday

LEO: Since New Year’s you could have been more creative in your business endeavors and as of the moment you’ve proceeded in such fashion, you must’ve have come into prominence a dentrenched your status. You must stay away from the humdrum and boring stuff, and try to take advantage of the more creative and productive jobs and educational opportunities at hand. You may get unexpected work offers, you must think professionally rather than emotionally and reconsider the lucrative offers that will be in your advantage. In your private life, this week you may improve your relationship which had been going on, in an on again off

again fashion, following a serious heart to heart conversation with your beloved, and decide to continue from where you’d left off. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT will be effecting the 8 th House of your birth chart. The eclipse energy will be bringing forth new transformations for you. You may make use of the mutually advantageous opportunities you will be coming by in your business and private endeavors; you can abstain from taking negative and obstinate stances thus assuring stability both in your love life and financial affairs with the decisions you will be taking, this

might be a critical issue in the months to come. 8 th House can bring about unexpected changes in relation to your investments, existing freeholds and business partnerships. During the eclipse the Mars-Uranus conjunction, can bring to the surface unexpressed emotions to the light of day. You must ignore immediate responses, raging remarks, and try not to make mountains out of molehills.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: The heart says to the soul: I love, and fall in love however you are always the one to suffer.

The soul answers: Just LOVE come what may. – Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Leo: Thursday and Saturday

VIRGO: This week you will be feeling more secure and emotional. In your work life, more joyful and lucrative activities will be taking the place of the work you halfheartedly perform out of exigency. Should you advance patiently, silently but surely with your heart and soul, permanence will be on your side. Your ruling planet Mercury will be forming a positive aspect with Jupiter on Tuesday and will be bringing benefits from your real friends. This week, you will be facing energies which will let you reap the rewards of your heart in business and financial matters. Investments that will prove to be gainful and profitable in the long run will be the most beautiful energy of the week for you. In your private life, you must watch out for people who are trying to steer your attention to other areas with their talk, full of mistakes and even fabrications and you should proceed by not taking whatever they may be saying seriously. With the energy of the Solar Eclipse to occur in your opposite sign Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT which will be effecting the 7 th House of your birth chart, a new relationship can come forth with the maturity you gained from your experiences in relation to your co-investments, business and private lives. The relationships that you will establish based on love and trust will be quite long lasting in your business affairs and private lives. The most important issue that you should be paying attention to is your spouses’ sudden change in attitude, married Virgos. They can display behavior that would totally disappoint you. You may feel quite unsettled when they bring into question jealousy, repression, and matters of the past on the agenda. You must come to terms with your spouse, problems may arise if they reflect on you the disturbances they face at work due to their habits, you must stand fast, give your last warnings kindly, tell them that they need to behave with mutual sacrifice and compromise in mind.  The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: If you want to punish someone who has wronged you in such a way that they cannot be forgiven, from the sinews that are beyond what the mind can grasp; forgive them wholeheartedly. Fate which archives all that is felt, shall deal with him in the best possible way. – Shams Tabrizi

Best days for Virgo: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

LIBRA: This week, you have to put your brilliance at work, produce new ideas in your work and educational life, and share what’s passing from your mind. Throughout the week, you must take into regard what you are discerning and what you feel from the heart, and focus on the business and scholastic matters that you enjoy the most. In work life, should you be the go getter type, you may have the chance that would enable you to get the show on the road at last and with that strength make a name for yourself. One other blessing of this week might be new job opportunities, you may give start to a new work project and set a new routine, improve your way of life or actualize changes that will render your everyday life more blissful. When it comes to your love life, with the energy of the Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT which will be effecting the 6 th House in your birth chart, fate can prepare favorable surprises for you and you may come face to face with a wonderful relationship which will have you living real love. Those Libras who are married or are in a relationship; with the tensions caused by your nearest and dearest coming to an end, you may express the excitement that was lost in your relationship, and the love that you have grown afraid to express, more intensely and powerfully to one another. Blessing of the eclipse energy for you: I live and be happy, I live and make happy, of course at times I become unhappy but… As long as I shall live, I won’t be hopeless and ungrateful.

Those who try to fool are fooled. My trust can be lost but I, I am the one who always wins.

–Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Libra: Friday, Saturday

SCORPIO: This week, the heavens are pouring trustworthy and steady energies to your life. The beat of your work life is on the upscale, you are starting to experience important developments related to areas in which you have a well-deserved right to do so. As of Wednesday, you might be a lot more active and can get new ideas to boost your business and gains, and can actualize your heart’s desires with short term plans. The most important issue you must be wary of, should be to have your anger under control and to keep your distance with those who are trying to ride you on a raging fury in order to lead you to make mistakes which would overshadow your success. In your private lives, those married Scorpios will be seeing developments that will lead you to appreciate your spouse all the more; you will especially gain insight into the problems stemming from your friendships and you will feel much grateful to your spouse for the patience they’ve had with you. With the energy of the Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT which will be effecting the 5 th House of your birth chart your love life and your relationship with your children will be gaining more importance. You can overcome problems, and strengthen your bond of love with the love of your life by expressing the ebb and flow of feelings as is the situation in your heart of hearts. And with the energy of the eclipse, one of your hobbies can turn into a career, you must make good use of this chance.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: If God is going to bring forth to its palace of love someone from your door how can you say, I don’t love you to that person? – Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Scorpio: Friday and Sunday

SAGITTARIUS: This week, the heavens are harbingering that you will be starting off with powerful impacts. The projects that you have worked on, taken pains with can be accepted and you may find the opportunities to actualize your expectations. This week, improvements in financial areas will be encountered, since you will be getting your payments in time you will be able to pay your debts and hence a huge load can be lifted off your shoulders. For those of you who are looking for a job and had for a long time been unemployed your luck is turning starting from Tuesday and you come to face non-volatile job opportunities. In your educational life, the energies will motivate you throughout the week and you will be able to come fore front with your determination. In your private life, you will be taking decisions through empathizing, you will put in the effort to improve your relationships rather than stultify them and will reap the rewards in love. The tensions and the resentments encountered in relation to family matters will gain importance with the Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT which will be effecting the 4 th House of your birth chart. You will be moving away from disaccord, and will be able to reinforce your bonds through shared values’ victory in peace and harmony. With the eclipse energy; you can buy a new house, rent one or move, can purchase or sell real estate, spend time with your family and can enjoy developments with their support in this regard. You can host new family members or commence somethings to start from scratch. With the eclipse energy to occur in your 4 th house, you can be more sensitive and emotional, and feel at peace in heart and soul with the joy of having remedied an old family wound. Also, with the energy of the eclipse, someone you will meet through your circle can for the first time have you feeling different emotions and that you belong to a relationship. It will be in your best interest to make use of this chance without ill-treating it with your behavior patterns.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: Ask not to the Nightingale that ceaselessly hues and cries out to tell you the story of love but to the moth that dies quiet and retiring.

–Jalaladdin Rumi

Best days of the week for Capricorn: Monday and Sunday

CAPRICORN: This week, you will be refreshed by what you will gain through coming to the realization of what you have not done in many certain matters, you will be charging your soul by coming facing yourself and growing away from your capricious and out of sorts behaviors. You can conclude the things you have been tackling since the beginning of the month and can get the return of your expectations financially. In your work life, starting as of Tuesday you may be focusing on a new project, plan or venture; you should be prudent in order not to let others usurp your ideas. The increase in your financial gains can whet the appetite of some in your kith and kin, they may stand by your side wearing the amiability mask, and can enhance their efforts to use you, or more precisely your gains, by exploiting your feelings of mercy. Be careful and choose to see what is behind that mask. In your private life, having noticed the expectancies of your spouse or lover, you will drop the cold attitude you had stricken and treat them with love and understanding to render your relationship private as is implied by private life. With the energy of the Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT which will be effecting the 3rd House of your birth chart, you may encounter striking developments regarding communications, friendships and also siblings and the people your siblings are involved with. Your intuition will be growing stronger and it will be showing you, by tearing up the veil of darkness, who or whom of those are overshadowing your happiness and success, this will disappoint you, and even so you will still be strengthened, and take the right decisions and come to realize the importance you need to give both to your work and private life. Regarding matters related to your business, you must give importance to communication, and put in the effort to realize your wishes and dreams through your persuasion skills. Rest assured that you will be getting the return for your efforts. For Capricorns working in the TV/media sector, the change and transformation for you will occur at a surprisingly fast pace. Regardless of whichever walk of life you may be on, your professional endeavors or vocational education shall forge on, and you will be able to reach so many people with your success that it will enable you to carve out a name for yourself.

The blessing of the eclipse energy for you: If you have a change of heart my whole world changes. - Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Capricorn: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

AQUARIUS: The heavens point out that you will be starting off the week considering what you plan out for your business and educational life and how you envision this to turn into reality and what you must do right now to realize what you want to have in the future. This week, instead of setting out long term plans, working with what you have at hand, focusing on short term goals will be the key for you to make the right decisions for stability and gain. You must pay heed to the ideas of those you are working together with, and move ahead taking into consideration that even clash of opinions can lead to successful results. This week your friendships are also gaining importance, you can spend time with your friends, can develop yourself by getting their opinions with regards to a change of jobs or new business plan. Throughout the week, you must be careful about investments, risky businesses and steering towards different fields, and should not gravitate towards fields that are unknown to you upon the insistence of your spouse or lover. Or else you may incur financial loss and be left in a position to tackle judicial problems. With the Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT which will be effecting the 2 nd House of your birth chart, you may scrutinize all the financial plans that you have made up until now, end problematic partnerships, chase financial opportunities, increase your gains and forge stability in fields that you know and trust yourself in. With the eclipse energy you can end a problematic relationship which will have you gain mindfulness in your love life and take a step towards a relationship based on love and trust, meet new people thanks to your sociability skills and encounter exciting emotional developments.

The blessing of the eclipse for you:

"Do you know what those that have kept their finger on the pulse of the heart do...?"

"They don’t get angry... They don’t get cross... They don’t hurt...They don’t get hurt...

They find beauty in each and everything.

They do not hold human beings accountable for anything;

"They hold their Lord accountable. They expect everything from him and wait...

And they fall silent...They speak by falling silent. –Mewlana Jalaladdin Rumi

Best days of the week for Aquarius: Friday, Saturday

PISCES: The heavens are the abode of energies that will be awakening your soul this week. It is time to get rid of old habits, you have gotten stuck at business, love relationships and education on your life path, are you considering your own core naught by putting up with people who tire you out, hurt you and think nothing of you because you do not want to end up alone? If your answer to these questions is yes and alike, now is the time for you to leave behind those patterns, habits and get rid of your shackles. You are facing energies that will help you display your skills that may lead you to success through change. The Solar Eclipse to occur in Pisces on Sunday, February 26th, with 8ᵒ and 12’ at 12.10 p.m. GMT will be effecting the 1 st House of your birth chart and you will be renewed by opening the window of your life to new areas through the realization of your exciting, undiscovered attributes and changing both your attitude towards life and decisions related to many of the things that you do not enjoy. The flood of crazy new ideas, can bring about exciting developments in business and private life if you are to lend an ear to the voice of the spirit should you come to its realization. In your work life you can start reaching far more heights than you could have ever imagined in relation to foreign affairs and you can succeed in starting to gain through your brilliant and intelligent ventures after all the loss you have incurred. The same energies apply to your love life, you may part ways with that difficult person who uses you for their own personal interests, frustrating you with their single-sided demands, leads you to become stunted within yourself, and you can heal your heart through, be it short or long distance travel; change your outlook on love by meeting new people and you can become the protagonist of a big love story that will have you proceeding with non-volatile, real feelings for the next 6 months with this eclipse energy.

The blessing of the eclipse for you:

Even the sun can’t burn that whose heart had learned to turn the light on, the one who is enucleated. If you wish to radiate like day, light up your ego that resembles the night.

– Shams Tabrizi

Best days of the week for Pisces: Friday and Sunday

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