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askreklamLove exists on many levels. Some say it is the primary power behind creation, for how could the world exist without God’s love, creation and protection. The act of creation, that brings thoughts into reality, is a thought manifesting into something we can touch, feel, hold and support. That is why love is so powerful and why we all crave love. It is the essence of the creation of life, from the most cosmic level to the most real level—two people merging to make one entity.

There is nothing like the feeling of love. Yet, as an emotion and a craving, so how can we know when we find true love? How do we know when the feeling is real or when we think it is real to satisfy a craving? How can we know when love will last, when it will change, when it will deepen? How can we know the best times to meet someone, who will be our best match, and also, when it is time to relinquish a bad relationship?

Astrology holds the key to these questions. In a universe made from the love of God, astrology can tell you your best times, best partners and best chances for love. Astrology can also warn you of difficult partners, or flaws in your chart that encourage you to pursue or enter into relationships with cruel people. Although everyone is entitled to love, sometimes we chose badly out of over optimism or difficult patterns in our birth chart. The astrologer is the guide who can help you through these difficult choices, help you know yourself and even provide remedies that will smooth out your love life.

Dr. Senay Devi is uniquely qualified to guide you to true love and warn you of obstacles to true love through the methods she has identified in this book. I have been Senay’s “teacher” for six years now, though she herself is blessed with fine astrological knowledge all on her own. She is a compassionate and loving person, and I can tell you for certain, her chart is well equipped to get anyone advice about true love as her Venus, the planet most intimately connected with matters of the heart, is extraordinarily strong. She is not only a technically gifted astrologer; she also understands the human heart, and is well-schooled in astrological remedies—a lost art in many parts of the world and, following the lead of Indian astrologers, being reintroduced around the world. Senay is a master of these techniques and has the advantage of knowing many different sciences of remedies and is a serious student and teacher of these practices.

Use this book well; I encourage you to use its knowledge to allow yourself to experience true love and long term happiness. Let Dr. Senay Devi light your way with you!

Dr. Gary Gomes

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