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Gary Gomes


Year of the Dog 2018 The Dog year is a year of hard work and innovation. The main point of the year is to buckle down and put one’s attention to the hard work needed for success. Flashier signs tend not to do as well as lower profile signs during dog years. Dogs also favor […]

2017 dileği

Aries: People with Aries rising or Sun will have a great deal of emphasis on career this year. Also, friendships will be difficult and will change quickly this year. There will be problems with home life, especially in the first quarter of the year, through April. However, this will be a very creative year for […]


Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology By Gary Gomes SANI DOSA – SADE SATI The effect of Sani in a Vedic Chart produces a great deal of fear and anxiety in life. I have come to wonder over the past ten years of Saturn’s influence makes us give up easily, making it easy to succumb to […]


Medical Theory in Ayurveda It is really impossible to delineate the precise origins of Ayurveda in Indian thought. Traces of it can be seen in the Atharva Veda and certain older texts like the Grihya Sutras refer to medical practices, but as in many Indian systems, actual documentation seems to be a problem. Astrology and […]


The Use of Jaimini Astrology to Determine Spiritual Tendencies in a Chart Jaimini Astrology This article will illustrate the use of Jaimini astrology for analyzing the spiritual potential of individuals through use of the Jaimini karakas (indicators) in the chart and through the use of Upagrahas (“little planets”) in the context of Jaimini interpretation principles. […]


ANOTHER VEDIC TUTORIAL BY GARY GNOMES Varshaphal charts are intended to give a microscopic viewpoint of the chart of the individual karmic pattern of the individual. Literally, Varshaphal means ―fruit of the year‖. But the Varshaphal chart, at least as I was taught it, was never intended to be a chart that was interpreted independently […]


Gary Gomes Is Mars all bad? ACVA board member Gary Gomes explores the role of Mars in energizing spiritual endeavor. Mars makes widows of women. Mars is worth study in Hindu Astrology, perhaps because it can actually produce very benefic results when understood and used properly. But the difficulty we encounter in interpreting the Hindu […]